PHOTOS: Skulls Removed From Adventureland Entranceway in Disneyland Park

At Disneyland Park, the iconic entranceway into Adventureland that features tiki masks, torches, and spikes is now missing some décor: skulls.


The entranceway previously featured skulls on spikes, but those have not made a return to the park after the resort’s reopening on Friday.


Check out the photos below to see the skulls in their previous placement from our 2019 post:

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The skulls were previously themed within the Adventureland motifs, such as tiki masks and totems, amid the torches.


We have seen Disney make changes related to cultural sensitivity in the parks recently, and it’s possible that these skulls were next on the chopping block.

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  1. Are they going to remove skulls from pirates?? If not then what is the issue? This is getting a little ridiculous here

    1. Seriously! And what about Indiana Jones? There a whole room full of them!

  2. Just remove the whole park. Everything is offensive to someone. Where is the line???

  3. The new chairman of Disney parks Josh D’Amaro is a degenerate who is slowly killing Disney World because of the influx of SJWs inside of Disney and the over inflation of the opinions of blue checkmarked blue haired nu-liberal Twitter users who have never even been to a Disney park. Sad sad future for Disney. Keep capitulating to the mob who will never be happy and enjoy making less money. But then again they will just increase ticket prices again.

    1. Walt had a beautiful appreciation of culture. Removing general things from iconic memorable happy places in response to the current political landscape is a step in the opposite direction of inclusion and diversity. Most people causing a “corporate responsibilty” scene these days don’t even understand what they are doing. Simply destroying what’s left of original creativity and inclusion.

  4. What about all the tiki stuff? Isn’t that offending someone too? Or, what about Alice in wonderland…should we be allowing children to ride through someone’s drug induced delusion? I want my Disneyland back…smh.

    1. Just realized radiator springs might be offensive to Arizonans or people in Utah. Let’s remove the new stuff at DCA too while we’re de-imagining the imagineering everywhere. 😁

  5. I think what’s going on here is that they could possibly be doing a repaint or some little refurb for these. I don’t believe this is because of any offensive shenanigins. I could be wrong.

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