PHOTOS: Trash Cans Lids No Longer Being Propped Open, Safety Signage Being Removed from Sides at Walt Disney World

Since Walt Disney World reopened last July, the lids of trash cans have been propped open so guests didn’t have to touch the can when throwing something out. Almost every trash can also had a decal explaining some of the health and safety guidelines in place at the theme parks.


Decals have slowly been removed in the past few weeks, particularly after the change in rules regarding maskless photos. Around Port of Entry at the entrance to EPCOT’s World Showcase, only one out of seven trash cans had a decal.


The lids are also no longer propped open, so guests will have to push them open themselves.


These trash cans all have a “World Showcase” plaque while the recycling cans have the standard “recycle” symbol.


This trash can near the Friendship Boats dock is the only one that still has a decal reminding guests to keep a six foot distance between other parties.


The decals have likely been removed in anticipation of further changes to physical distancing and mask rules, although no announcements have been made. It’s also true, by this point, that most guests know what is expected in a pandemic-era theme park experience. The decals were not looking great either, after having been outside for a year.


While we noticed these trash cans with closed lids, other trash cans throughout Walt Disney World are still propped open. It will probably be a few days before they are all returned to normal.


Keep checking WDWNT for updates.

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4 months ago

Wow, hordes of trash can pictures!?

Dave Fullerton
Dave Fullerton
4 months ago

The squirrels are probably really disappointed about the trash cans being closed again.

Thomas Meagher
Thomas Meagher
4 months ago

Keep the return to normalcy coming…….