PHOTOS: Temperature Screening Removed, Physical Distancing Reduced to Three Feet at Universal Orlando Resort

Yesterday, Universal Orlando Resort announced temperature screenings would be removed and physical distancing would be reduced to three feet. This is following the Orange County Department of Health’s declaration that temperature checks are unnecessary, and findings that indicate physical distancing of three feet is just as effective as six feet.


Guests visiting Universal Orlando Resort will see that signs and screens throughout have been updated to reflect the change in distancing.


In the parking garages, markers have been removed that previously led to the temperature screening area ahead of security.


Hand sanitizer and gates remain where temperature screening used to be.


The safety announcement playing in the parking garages has also been changed.

It now states “you must practice social distancing and keep at least three feet or one meter between your travel party and others.” Some announcements in the theme parks have not been updated because they simply stated guests must “maintain social distancing” and did not specify a number.


Yesterday, we saw Team Members placing distancing markers three feet apart, and this can now be seen throughout CityWalk and the theme parks.


The maps that guests can pick up at the front gates have not yet been changed and still state the required distancing is six feet or two meters.


Temporary signage had to be put up in some places.


Tables in some areas seemed closer together than they were before.


Attractions are also changing up how many guests they are seating per ride vehicle and that single rider lines will reopen once the queues have been set up.

Keep checking Universal Parks News Today for updates regarding distancing on attractions.

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  1. Step in the right direction.
    I can’t wait though foe the papers in t years that show that all these steps taken did nothing to curve… ya know… a virus.

    A virus is going to do what its going to do when 1% of the population is already infected, especially in heavily populated areas. The most it does it kick the can down the road… right Michigan?

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