REVIEW: Insane New Watermelon Dole Whip Treats Arrive at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs

Earlier today we learned about a new secret menu item available at Marketplace Snacks at Disney Springs. The watermelon Dole Whip in a watermelon wedge was revealed exclusively to TikTok and is only available through September 6, 2021.


It turns out Marketplace Snacks also has a new Dole Whip parfait, available with watermelon, lime, or a swirl of both flavors.


We got both treats and you can read our reviews below.

Watermelon Dole Whip in Watermelon Wedge – $5.99


The watermelon Dole Whip is light and refreshing. It’s not heavy on flavor, but that is better than being overly sweet.


It’s definitely different than the fresh watermelon taste, but still good.


The chocolate chips add a nice texture and look like seeds for cute pictures. They’re a little weird as a flavor addition but not bad.


This is perfect as a summer treat, and delicious. That being said, it’s incredibly messy and melted quickly. We recommend it, but grab some napkins.

Swirl Dole Whip Parfait – $5.29


We got a swirl of lime and watermelon Dole Whip for this parfait. Although we like lime Dole Whip, it unfortunately overpowers the watermelon flavor. All we could taste is lime.


We feel like the watermelon Dole Whip is more refreshing, as the lime made us thirsty. The custard at the bottom was creamy and had a more gentle lime flavor than the Dole Whip.


Overall, this parfait had a great presentation and was a good dessert that we would good again.

Would you rather try the parfait or the Dole Whip in a watermelon? Let us know in the comments!

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Bernie Lomax
Bernie Lomax
3 months ago

That Parfait looks delicious.