REVIEW: NEW Nutella Boston Cream Donut from Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew in Disney Springs

Things are getting sweeter at Disney Springs thanks to a new donut at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew!


The Nutella Boston Cream is a glazed donut filled with vanilla custard and topped with Nutella and white icing.


It may look basic on the outside, but things become more intriguing once you start eating.


Ultimately, we found this one to be a little weird. The frosting is supposed to be Nutella, but it doesn’t taste quite right.


It has a stronger hazelnut flavor than it does cocoa, a key ingredient in Nutella, and it clashes with the filling. They both have a similar sharp quality to them that makes them too similar to enjoy a lot of.


The dark chocolate on a regular Boston cream donut helps to balance the filling’s flavor, and this icing just doesn’t do that. It’s still good, but we didn’t love it like we wanted to.


Still, we would probably still get it again, mostly for the fact that we like Boston Cream. The donut sells for $5.50.

Craving more donut action? Check out our review of the limited-time “Cinco de Oh-My-O Donut” that came out earlier this month!

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29 days ago

Disney: we care about your health and safety

Also Disney: please buy our newest donut/cupcake/churro with 10,000 grams of sugar and fat