Temperature Checks Removed from Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood has updated their website and removed temperature screenings from its COVID-19 safety measures.


This move comes after the news that the state of California is preparing to fully reopen on June 15th and that Disneyland Resort is preparing to discontinue temperature checks on that day.

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  1. Get rid of this mask nonsense! It’s not necessary outdoors! Stop this stupidity fear Karen theater!! God I hate Newscumy! He’s sick a dirty greasy nasty lying hypocrite! Sick of him holding California hostage!!!😡

  2. I would like to know out of the millions that have had their temperature scanned, what percentage were turned away due to above average temperatures? Based on my theme park visits and what I seen in the lines, my guess is very, very few. It didn’t seem like a very effective preventative measure.

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