Heroes vs. Villains

Walt Disney World Announces Date for “Heroes vs. Villains” Virtual Pin Event

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On December 4, 2021 Walt Disney World will host a virtual pin event that pits heroism against villainy. At this event avid pin traders can participate in an unforgettable battle between good and evil. As the story goes, Professor H.V. Yensid has been diligently studying the mechanisms that pull some toward heroics and some toward the darker side of villainy. In this event he will settle the matter once and for all while also revealing a distinctly curated set of pins.  


Due to social distancing requirements, Walt Disney World began hosting their pin trading events virtually. This will be the second digital pin trading event. The first virtual pin event took place last November and celebrated twenty years of Disney pins

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Though Disney has not shared registrations details yet, you can check back on the Walt Disney World “Merchandising Events” site for more event information.

What do you think of the pin trading events going virtual? Leave a comment and let us know!

  1. I really dislike the virtual event. I have been attending the events since 2005 and enjoy the pintrading boards and games as well as visiting in person with my pin friends. I started a pre-event dinner several years ago to add to the interaction. There is no good feel to a virtual event. The only plus to having the event is still getting the event merchandise but even that has jacked up shipping prices this past event. I attempted to do some of the virtual activities but could not get in to most of it. I know some people said at least we had an event and I do appreciate Disney having them but I am afraid they will think the virtual event is just as good as live, but it is not.

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