Almost All “Sold Out” After Hours Boo Bash Events Available Again as Capacity is Increased

All dates except Halloween are once again available for Disney After Hours Boo Bash at Magic Kingdom.


Previously, two events in September and most events in October were sold out.


This indicates that capacity for the event has been increased.

Disney After Hours Boo Bash replaces Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year. Guests can wear costumes, view character cavalcades, and ride attractions with minimal wait times.

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  1. Once again, Disney cash grabs when they promised a limited capacity event. This is ridiculous. If you set a limit, keep it. The only reason we bought tickets for the sky high price was to enjoy Halloween that was sorely lacking last year in the parks with low crowds vs. elbow to elbow MNSS parties of years past. I can’t say I’m not surprised that they didn’t see the popularity and try to cash in …

    1. I agree with you 100% on this. I wouldn’t have purchased tickets if I knew they were going to up the total number of people because they sold out. Not to mention we paid so much more for these tickets thinking the capacity would be very limited. Very disappointing.

    2. Same here. We went to mnsshp one year and it was awesome and he next year it was so full it was like a normal park day withou the perk of fast pass. I’m so disappointed to see this!

  2. Good news for those that want to go in October with the 50 anniversary. Disney Hotels are still not showing capacity though :(

  3. Great, so as expected, we went to all the time, trouble, and expense to get tickets to a purported low capacity event just for Disney to then erode, if not eviscerate, the benefit of the bargain that people contracted for vis-à-vis overselling the event and thereby yielding crowd levels not requisite to advertised expectations of guest experiences for an “After Hours” event with a low cap. I feel like such a sucker. I should have know better.

  4. I hope the “minimal wait times” advertised won’t be impacted by reopening ticket sales to a already sold out night.

  5. So, shorter hours, increased price, and increased crowd levels. Doesn’t sound appealing, but I guess they’re still selling out, so they could have charged even more.

  6. So much for “short lines!” Now I wish I’d never bought tickets to this. I should have known it would be a bait-and-switch.

  7. This is annoying… this is supposed to be a more exclusive after hour event and they’re just going to pack people into it to make as much as they can. Just another example that they no longer care about the magic, just the money.

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