PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 6/8/21 (Long Lines for Food, Jurassic Park Merchandise, New Belgian Liege Waffle Sundaes in KidZone, and More)

It’s another busy day at Universal Orlando! The summer crowds are starting to arrive and the parks were very busy today. Wait times for attractions weren’t too bad, but the lines for food are getting to be crazy.


Once restaurants begin to open, the lines start growing. We’ve even seen guests lining up before restaurants open. Guests spend a lot of time waiting in line for food around the park, which takes away from their experience. It’s not fun to wait in these slow lines for terrible food.


The lines for Butterbeer are always long.


We jumped in a “short” line for Burger Digs in the morning, and the Team Member let us know it would be a 30-45 minutes for a table and then another 10-20 minutes for food. That was pretty accurate. Unfortunately, after waiting all this time, the burgers were awful.


This is the Casado Burger we’ve reviewed before. We could barely eat our burgers. They were so dry and cold. At this point, we were too hungry to care, honestly.


This Jurassic Park Chess Set is available in the Dino Store for $60.


Jurassic Outfitters has a few more new pieces of merchandise, too. The pink tumbler is $21 and the set of Camp Cretaceous notebooks is $14.95.


Someone lost a shoe in Jurassic Park. Or maybe that’s all that’s left of them.

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Could this be a reference to our old friend, the osprey?


A little more progress around Toon Lagoon. The area is getting a little bit of refurbishment.


It’s impossible to get food around the park without committing to a very long wait. The wait times for rides are low, but the food and beverage lines are out of control.


More lines. The mobile ordering process is not efficient. Guests would rather be able to grab food and walk away and eat on the ground than to wait 45 minutes for a table. Especially when the food ends up being bad, like our experience.


The lines are everywhere. Pack your patience, bring a snack, or make reservations.


A new menu has been added to the Hollywood or Bust food cart with Belgian Liege Waffle Sundaes and Cake and Ice Cream. We’ve got full reviews of these new treats!


Just like everywhere else, this cart had a long line, but to our surprise, everyone was asking for cups of water or Freestyle refills. There’s a Freestyle machine next to KidZone Pizza Company, in case you’re at E.T. Adventure and looking for a refill.


You didn’t say the magic word! Thanks for joining us today around the Universal Orlando Resort. We’ll be back again soon, so stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today.

  1. Wait lines for lines have not been low either. 120 on gringotts yesterday, Hagrids sitting at 90 another going virtual and velocicoaster 80+ because of not being able to get extra trains on last night. They are limiting hours at all dining locations as well. Leaky cauldron was closed to new diners by 545 last night

  2. The food lines are absolutely out of control. I made a post about it on the Universal Orlando Subreddit and got mixed comments that agreed or argued that we are “still in a pandemic,” “Universal doesn’t pay food service staff enough,” “Universal is being cheap and not rehiring quickly enough,” etc… I’m not quite sure what the issue is, but it seems to have been this way for the last month and only getting worse! I wonder what their plan is.

  3. Was there June 5 and 7th. The lines were long. We waited in line at the Three Broomsticks for 90 min, then it took almost 40 to get our food.

    If you buy the dining plan, Universal apparently doesn’t know what to do with you. You can’t use the dining plan and order in the app, so you have to order in person at every restaurant. Nobody knows how the dining plan works. Two different tem members will give you three different answers.

    Universal is packing in the people! It was a 90 min wait to take the Hogwarts Express!!

    It was miserable compared to our experiences at all four Disney parks.

  4. Universal has had a problem with “opposite of quick” service for months. Whether it was waiting for a Mardi gras food booth or getting food at burger digs and other qs restaurants, it takes about an hour. The lines at the food carts were why I didn’t buy the sampler badge/tickets for Mardi gras in Feb and April.

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