PHOTOS: Interactive Queue Comes Back From the Dead at the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

If, like us, you are a foolish mortal with a penchant for ghoulish delights, you will be thrilled to find the interactive queue reopened at the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom. Over the weekend we got our first look in a year at the supernatural scenery!


The Dread family members look like they are going to “bust” out with ill-mannered commentary at any moment.


Here in the queue you can compose a frightening melody by pushing on the various instruments.


You can also interact with the pipe organ, which is similar to the one in the ballroom scene on the ride.


Don’t be surprised by the ghostly essence that emanates from this instrument of doom.


A closer look at the graveyard reveals the amusing misfortunes of the dead.


While this part of the queue seemed lifeless during our visit, we hope we’ll be able to speak with the nearly departed soon.


Even still, poor Prudence, who supposedly died from “writer’s block” can be better commemorated now that the queue is open.


Typically the books in this sinister library move in an out when travelers touch their spines. But we found the dusty volumes unresponsive when we tried to revive them.


And finally, this mausoleum pays tribute to some of the twisted Disney Imagineers that helped with the original vision of the Haunted Mansion. The same is true of many of the grave markers scattered throughout the mansion grounds.


Are you excited to travel to the great beyond in the Haunted Mansion queue? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Does the Intervative Queue Returning mean a soon to be end to the Plexiglass walls found in the Queue?

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