PHOTOS: New Mask Signage Added to Entrances of Walt Disney World Parks

Today while out in the parks, we spotted new sandwich board signage that has been added to the main entrances stating the resort’s updated mask policy for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests. Take a look below.

Mask sign at EPCOT

The signs state that masks are optional for full vaccinated Guests. Fully vaccinated Cast Members are no longer required to wear masks indoors as of today.

Mask sign at EPCOT

Non-vaccinated Guests must still wear masks when indoors.

Mask sign at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Mask sign at Disney's Animal Kingdom

While Disney is not requiring proof of vaccination status still, Guests must continue to use the honor system.


We spotted these signs at EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


We also found this new sign outside the first aid station at the Magic Kingdom.


Many healthcare associations recommend and states still require masks in healthcare settings.

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8 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New Mask Signage Added to Entrances of Walt Disney World Parks”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of children under 12 maskless indoors at Walt Disney World. Since there is no way that those kids are vaccinated, why is Disney not enforcing mask wearing? Does anyone believe that the honor system is working and that unvaccinated adults aren’t lying and not wearing masks?

    • So kids should have to wear masks the rest of their lives? Got it… If you are vaccinated, Covid can’t hurt you. And if you think it can, I would not go to Disney.

      • My point is that kids between 2 and 12 cannot be vaccinated so Disney should be enforcing them wearing masks per the company’s own rules.

        • I honestly think that would be a horrible policy for them to actually try to enforce. It’s a CYA policy they have put in place with no intention of enforcing. Try telling your 7 year old they have to wear a mask the whole time in Disney but grown adults don’t have to. That won’t screw with their mental state for years to come… <rolls eyes>

    • If your vaccinated why are you worried about it, let people make their own health care decisions. Kids aren’t spreaders never have been.

  2. Clearly the new mask policy applies to Disney Bus drivers as well, as many do not wear their mask correctly (and two other Bus guests were not wearing a mask at all).

  3. There just isn’t reason to bother with signs or enforcement at this point, because those who refuse to vaccinate for invalid reasons (not legit medical reasons) aren’t going to comply. Anyone with more than two working brain cells to rub together will mask as appropriate to stay safe. They don’t need a sign telling them to do so. The burden of “risk” now falls on the people who refuse to vaccinate and refuse to mask. They are risking their own lives for illegitimate reasons, and it’s time to let them take that risk and live (or not) with the consequences.

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