PHOTOS: “Points of Light” Now Added to the Bottom of Spaceship Earth


EPCOT Points of Light

PHOTOS: “Points of Light” Now Added to the Bottom of Spaceship Earth

A new set of lights have appeared on the under side of Spaceship Earth. We have been keeping you updated as EPCOT continues to add more sparkle to the structure. Now you can see “points of light” as you walk underneath.


Ultimately the lights will shine across the reflective panels of Spaceship earth to create a “beacon of magic”. Imagineers intend for this visual to mirror the look of the night sky.


Looking up near the stand-by entrance you can catch a closer view of the small, circular light fixtures.


The lights will shine outwards and to the sides through the holes surrounding the fixtures. This should allow for the illuminations to twinkle in multiple directions, filling the space with radiance.


The fixtures are part of Spaceship Earth’s new lighting as EPCOT prepares for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”, honoring Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

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  1. I’ve been really looking forward to seeing this new lighting, and I still am, but I do genuinely wonder how well the effect will work underneath Spaceship Earth where guests will be much closer to the lights. It definitely seems like an effect that will be easier to appreciate from a distance.

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