PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full Spider-Man Stunt Show with “Stuntronic” Robot at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

Avengers Campus is finally opening, and we’ve assembled at Disney California Adventure to check it out. We spotted Spider-Man swinging around at the WEB building in his new stunt show. Check out our video below.


Spider-Man greets guests from the balcony of the WEB building before showing off his acrobatics with some flips and somersaults.


After taking a tumble, Spider-Man lays across some crates to talk to his A.I., Karen. He decides to run some tests on the suit and enters the WEB building.


The Spider-Man Stuntronic robot then takes off in a flying leap from the roof of the building.


He lands out of sight but reassures guests that the roof broke his fall (and maybe his bones).


In a grand finale, Spider-Man descends from the roof in a classic upside-down move and lands gracefully on the ground. He then greets the crowd after.

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Joseph Kastner
Joseph Kastner
4 months ago

We will see how long this lasts. We are in the Pressler 2.0 era

4 months ago

Couldn’t they turn this stunt thing into a special ride/experience where specially approved guests can dress up as Spiderman (one at a time) and try to flip through the air? And the rest of the guests can watch (and laugh if they suck at it). That way, some CM doesn’t have to do this all day long, and all the guests can have fun. Then the CM can do it also, say on the hour, so guests get to see profession performance as well.