Canada Far and Wide at EPCOT Closing Indefinitely Beginning June 27

Shannen Ace

Canada Far and Wide at EPCOT Closing Indefinitely Beginning June 27

Shannen Ace

Canada Far and Wide at EPCOT Closing Indefinitely Beginning June 27

According to the Walt Disney World website, Canada Far and Wide at EPCOT will be closed beginning June 27, 2021. It is listed as closed through August 3, which is as far as the calendar currently goes.

Disney has not indicated the reason for this closure, so it may be a refurbishment or simply a mistake with the calendar.

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 debuted at EPCOT’s Canada Pavilion in January 2020, replacing “O Canada!” with updated footage, score, and narration. You can watch the show in our video below.

14 thoughts on “Canada Far and Wide at EPCOT Closing Indefinitely Beginning June 27”

    • Keith – I am too, and I wish they’d replace this with a proper IMAX auditorium. (esp since IMAX is from Canada)

      • That would be a major under taking. That building was designed for circle-vision not a theater type movie. Considering that this is the 50th anniversary year, I can’t imagine Disney starting a multi-year reconstruction project at this time. Nothing against IMAX!

      • Or at least some proper seamless screen technology. The Circle-Vision model was cool in the 80s but now looks incredibly dated, no matter how many times they update the footage.

  1. Must be something culturally offensive with the film/attraction. Time to waste more money to re-do it and replace it with something obscure that Guests don’t want.

    • Not that, there were so many Canadians complaining about the huge lack of representation of the provinces in the video. When my family talked to the Canadian cast members, they said they were hearing complaints alot about that. Literally nothing for the Northern or all 3 central provinces. It focused on the BC mountains, Montreal, and Toronto. They might just be redoing the video AGAIN to include enough from ALL provinces, not just 3 or its just closed for good because they don’t wanna do the work.

  2. I wonder if they are going to use it for the Food and Wine Festival like they did a few years ago.

  3. I’m wondering if the closure has something to do with the Food & Wine Festival. Wasn’t that theatre used for overflow seating during another recent festival?

  4. Our national day in Canada is July 1st. Sooooo …. they might be sprucing up the pavilion and surrounding area with patriotic … stuff? Just a guess, which is why there’s no “end date” listed.

  5. I am from Saskatchewan Canada and I can see the reason they closed it being the amount of Canadians who go and watch it and come out disappointed because of the HUGE lack of representation. It is really only focused on the east side of Canada with absolutely nothing for the prairies. All Saskatchewan got was the ending with the rcmp officers. Alberta is a VERY important province in Canada and they got NOTHING. Actually, there was also nothing for the northern provinces. Basically, they very likely closed it because of Canadians complaining about the lack of representation.

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