PHOTOS, VIDEO: Pre-Show Returns, Plexiglass Removed from Ride Vehicles and Multiple Parties Seated Together on Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

With physical distancing ending at Walt Disney World, attractions are increasing capacity. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the pre-show theater for Dinosaur has been returned to its pre-pandemic state.


It was the perfect rainy day to visit Aladar and Dr. Seeker.


During physical distancing, tape on the ground turned the pre-show theater into an extension of the queue. While the video featuring Dr. Seeker played, guests could walk right past it into the loading area instead of staying to watch.


The tape has been removed from the ground, and guests are once again required to watch the pre-show—which contains safety information—before continuing on to the ride.


For those who miss Dr. Marsh and Dr. Seeker, you can watch the entire pre-show from today’s visit here:

What could go wrong?!


After the pre-show, we headed through the remainder of the queue to the loading area.


Once we got to the ride vehicles, we found that the plexiglass between rows has been removed.


Each row seats up to four guests. We, as a party of one, were seated in the same row as a party of three.

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