TikTokers Discover “Free Shirt Hack” When Violating Walt Disney World Dress Code

Shannen Ace


TikTokers Discover “Free Shirt Hack” When Violating Walt Disney World Dress Code

Shannen Ace


TikTokers Discover “Free Shirt Hack” When Violating Walt Disney World Dress Code

TikTok users are going viral with a “free shirt hack” at Walt Disney World. User Amanda DiMeo first posted about the “hack” in May.

Cast Members at Magic Kingdom flagged DiMeo’s clothing as a violation of the resort’s dress code due to its revealing nature. She was given a $50 voucher for a new shirt, but after speaking with a manager, ended up with a $75 Spirit Jersey that she was then required to wear. She told Fox News, “Everyone was super nice about the whole process and I didn’t expect the video [to go] that viral.”

This week, user Alyssa Schueller posted a video from EPCOT, where a Cast Member stopped her at the entrance due to her outfit. In the video, she shows off her outfit, which exposes her midriff and resembles a bikini top. “It’s true guys,” Schueller captioned the video, referencing DiMeo’s “hack.”


Schueller got a similar voucher as DiMeo and took home a yellow retro-style t-shirt. Schueller said in her comments that she was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that same morning without issue. She returned to Disney’s Animal Kingdom after EPCOT without the new shirt on and once again wasn’t told to change.

Neither DiMeo nor Schueller seemed to purposefully violate the dress code just to get the free clothing.

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16 thoughts on “TikTokers Discover “Free Shirt Hack” When Violating Walt Disney World Dress Code”

  1. A dress code should be published (if it isn’t already) and those violating should not be allowed in until they comply. Hopefully Disney closes this loophole.

    • They do have in their policy. They even say “please use your common sense when dressing” guess these people lack common sense.

  2. And now there won’t be any more free shirts. Clothing violation = buy new shirt or leave the Park.

  3. this needs to end…this type of behaviour is “entitlement” and should not be practiced. If they are dressed properly…they should have to their vehicle or hotel room to get another shirt.

  4. Why promote this? Now that this has gotten so much attention, Disney will have to change their policy which will negativity impact those who legitimately didn’t know. Instead of the offer for a shirt, they will be turned around at the gate.

    • As they should be. It’s a family place, and it’s common sense to not dress like that around families.

  5. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. I can kind of believe the first person, but the second one? I believe she learned it from TikTok.

    • while I too believe the situation with the first person, why did she need to get a free $75 spirit jersey? The manager should have stuck to their guns and just given her a plain tshirt

  6. Disney should keep a stash of plain white tshirts in various sizes for just this occasion so people won’t abuse the system.

    Passing information such as this around on social media is exactly why they changed the pavilion at EPCOT and hopefully why they will start forcing people who violate the dress code to wear the plainest, most boring shirts ever

    • No not White t-shirts, They should be given heavy black cotton long sleeve shirts to wear all day in the hot Florida sun. That’ll teach em.

    • Disney doesn’t have to provide them anything. Disney is being very accommodating and guest friendly by offering the voucher. Disney has every right to simply deny them entry. Don’t keep plain shirts, just tell them they cant come in. I am not old and stuffy but its Disney, a family establishment, put your bits away guys and gals!

  7. As a former cast member it is not that simple to get the merchandise, nor is it truly worth trying that hard to try to get a free T-shirt.

  8. This shouldn’t “hack” shouldn’t be acceptable. Instead of giving them free stuff they should be escorted out the park.

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