Master Gracey Portrait Switched Back After Facing Left for a Day in The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, the transforming portrait of Master Gracey was switched back to its original orientation, with Master Gracey facing left. Today, however, he is once again facing right.


From 1971 to 2007, he faced to the left. In 2007, The Haunted Mansion went through a “Re-Haunting” refurbishment. During this time, Disney changed Master Gracey’s transformation from projector slides to digital; but they also changed the direction he was facing. After 14 years, we were delighted to see him facing left again, but for some reason he has been switched back to facing right.

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It seems like an odd back-and-forth change and we don’t know the reason behind it.


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  1. Truly wondering… what is the significance for the direction he is facing??? Does it even matter at all?

    1. Well, Disney is so big on symbolism that you would think that it means something. But since the initial change didn’t cause the ground to fall out from under us, one would guess that it wouldn’t this time either.

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