PHOTOS: First Phase of Delightful Drinks & Incredible Themed Treats Coming to Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!” Celebration

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Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!” celebration begins September 4th, and in tradition with a Tokyo Disney Resort anniversary, tons of delicious food and incredible souvenir items are on their way to the park starting September 3rd! This anniversary, the park is celebrating by changing the commemorative meals to fit each season, with the first phase heavily featuring mushrooms in each set. And we have the details on everything, so keep on reading to find out more!

Table Service

Ristorante di Canaletto – ¥4900


This course, available through October 31st, starts off with an antipasto misto consisting of soft shell shrimp, smoked salmon trout torta, arancini, and a vegetable frittata with nuts. The main course is a cassarecce with pancetta and porcini mushroom cream sauce, along with duck covered in herb bread crumbs and balsamic sauce, or cod and scallop frit, with anchovy olive sauce. For dessert, Guests will enjoy a chocolate pudding with chestnut cream along with a biscotti with nuts.

Magellan’s – ¥9800


This course, also available through October 31st, starts off with a red wine lemonade aperitif or a soft drink, followed by a harmony of shrimp, scallops, quinoa, and potato espuma. This is followed by Tasmanian salmon feuillete in a Banyuls boules rouge sauce, Japanese black beef sirloin steak, and roast duck in burdock and truffle sauce. For dessert, Guests will enjoy a praline pain de gênes and a milk chocolate cream with La France pear sorbet.

S.S. Columbia Dining Room – ¥4900


S.S. Columbia Dining Room will augment its typical roast beef dinner with a smoked salmon gateau, shrimp and scallops, vegetable marinade or vegetable soup with sausage and chicken, and a tea-apple verrine with cheesecake for dessert through October 31st.

Restaurant Sakura – ¥3500


Even the Japanese restaurant on site is getting in on the anniversary festivities, with a sirloin steak rice bowl, steamed matsutake mushrooms and shrimp soup, western-style sardines, taro, and autumn sword fish. For dessert, Guests can enjoy an assortment of Japanese sweets—a strawberry along with warabi mochi and a chestnut syrup.

Teddy Roosevelt Lounge – ¥1750


Teddy Roosevelt Lounge will serve a commemorative parfait featuring La France sorbet, orange, chestnut cream, chocolate panna cotta, and petit cream puffs through March 31st, 2022.

Counter Service

Café Portofino – ¥2800


At Café Portofino, Guests can enjoy a special set with a porcini mushroom cream soup, beef sirloin cutlets with cheese, bread, and choice of soft drink through October 31st.

Horizon Bay Restaurant – ¥2080


Horizon Bay Restaurant’s typical hamburger steak will feature a mushroom sauce on top along with a sweet potato soup accented by apples through October 31st.

New York Deli – ¥1260


Guests at New York Deli can enjoy this pulled pork with egg and cheese sandwich through October 31st. Additionally, a souvenir lunch case is available for an extra ¥1500 featuring a multicolor design that appears different depending on the viewing angle!


Fondant Chocolate Churro – ¥500


Available through the entire anniversary, the newest chocolate churro is a significant departure from the chocolate Christmas churro, this time featuring gooey melted chocolate in the center. This delicious treat is only available at Open Sesame in Arabian Coast!

Strawberry Donut – ¥800


Mickey donuts have finally made their way to Tokyo DisneySea, with this special commemorative variety available at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery!


Sparkling Lemon & Ginger Drink – ¥600


Through the entire anniversary, this sparkling drink with lemon and lime jelly will be available at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen. For an extra ¥600, Guests can also get a special glass with three colors of LED to give the drink some extra sparkle!

S.S. Columbia Dining Hall – ¥900


This special drink contains pear, mixed berries, lime jelly, soda, and a cinnamon stick.

Ristorante di Canaletto – ¥980


This drink is a mixture of mixed fruits and tea jelly.

Magellan’s – ¥750


Magellan’s diners can enjoy this apple and cranberry soda mixture.

Restaurant Sakura – ¥800


Over at the Japanese Restaurant Sakura, this hojicha and cream drink with a little bit of chocolate shavings and gold leaf will be on sale.

Teddy Roosevelt Lounge – ¥900


This mixed fruits and soda drink with flower petals atop will be available at Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.

All of these drinks can have a special 20th Anniversary commemorative glass added to the order for ¥1200.


Sparkling Cocktail (Wine & Blueberry Jelly) – ¥780


Available at Café Portofino.

Sparkling Cocktail (Vodka & Lemon) – ¥780


Available at Dockside Diner.

Sparkling Cocktail (Rum & Lemon Tea) – ¥780


Available at Yucatan Base Camp Grill.

Sparkling Cocktail (Cassis Liqueur & Apple) – ¥780


Available at New York Deli.

Sparkling Wine Cocktail (Passionfruit & Tea Jelly) – ¥780


Available at Zambini Brothers Ristorante.

Grape Beer Cocktail – ¥780


Available at Barnacle Bills.

Sparkling Cocktail (Whisky & Lime Jelly) – ¥780


Available at Hudson River Harvest.

Sparkling Cocktail (Lychee Liqueur & Grapefruit)


Special Cocktail (Chocolate Liqueur & Orange) – ¥780


Available at Nautilus Galley.

Souvenir Items

Pineapple Jelly & Yogurt Mousse with Souvenir Cup – ¥950


Blueberry Mousse Cake with Souvenir Plate – ¥850


Souvenir Spoon – +¥1000


Available with the S.S. Columbia Dining Hall special set.

Wine Medallion – +¥500


Available with the purchase of a half or full bottle of wine at Ristorante di Canaletto.

All of these items will be available starting September 3rd at restaurants across Tokyo DisneySea! Are you excited to chow down? Let us know in the comments below!

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