PHOTOS: Spaceship Earth Restrooms Repainted with Bright Colors at EPCOT

Earlier this week, the restrooms east of Spaceship Earth were primed with white paint, covering up the old colored accent walls and ceilings. New accent walls have now been painted.


Here is what the restrooms looked like when completely white. These restrooms were recently refurbished, but apparently, the update was not complete. The ceiling of the roof overhang was previously yellow, while the walls at the entrance of each restroom were painted blue (men’s) and pink (women’s).


Since being primed, the blue and pink have returned, but on different walls.


The blue is a soft periwinkle color.


A red wall has been painted around the water fountains. All of these new colors match those of the EPCOT pavilion logos.

The World Discovery bathrooms were also refurbished last year and received a mural of red and pink stripes after completion.

It’s possible the Spaceship Earth restrooms will continue to get a more interesting paint job like this one.


The restrooms on the west side of Spaceship Earth have yet to be painted beyond white primer.


In addition to the restroom repainting, we noticed that other walls in the area were also painted white.


White paint now covers this wall behind Spaceship Earth. Perhaps we can expect the same revamp here that we are seeing on the restrooms.

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