PHOTOS: Shields Removed from Adventureland Bridge as Cultural Sensitivity Changes Continue at Magic Kingdom

Katie Francis


PHOTOS: Shields Removed from Adventureland Bridge as Cultural Sensitivity Changes Continue at Magic Kingdom

Katie Francis


PHOTOS: Shields Removed from Adventureland Bridge as Cultural Sensitivity Changes Continue at Magic Kingdom

As cultural sensitivity changes continue around Walt Disney World, the large shields lining the Adventureland bridge at the Magic Kingdom have been removed.


The tall shields were visible past the Adventureland sign, but they are no longer in place.


Below to the left of the trash can, you can see one of the shields along the side of the bridge. These are what have been removed.


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34 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Shields Removed from Adventureland Bridge as Cultural Sensitivity Changes Continue at Magic Kingdom”

  1. If it ensures that everyone can enjoy and never have to silently be offended or worried- as people of color often stay silent, then I’m definitely all for it. Adventureland remains beautiful whether there are shields or not.

    • People take offense to all sorts of things. Society is never going to create an all inclusive, non offensive space for everyone. It’s insane to even try. Visiting Disneyland and Disney World is not a “right”, and while I think a certain amount of “adapting with the times” is healthy, where does it end? If you’re that offended by some imagery that likely never applied to you, or to you family for several generations or more, don’t come to Disney. What happens when “princesses” become offensive to those who are not wealthy? Or when anthropomorphic animals are culturally insensitive to those whose religions have animal deities? It will never fricking end people.

  2. It’s interesting that Disney is making changes to its rides and some of its announcements (i.e. dropping the “boys and girls” welcome). However, they have no problem offerring their Disney Adventures to Vietnam where they include a tour of the war museum which glorifies the capture of US military vehicles, etc. and then allow tourists to walk through the former Vietcong tunnels that were used to kill US troops. Then the tourists can take selfies inside these tunnels. If THAT’s not insensitive to veterans and their families, I don’t know what is.

    • LMAO…THEY ARENT! But you need to believe they are and that all of us need to be”separated” in our own “groups” and you can’t look at or appreciate anything from anyone else’s group. …So that needs to be pumped out in the stupid media. I cannot roll my eyes loudly enough. … And this sentiment coming from an “ethnic person.”

  3. Because a shield is so sensitive… to who?!? Disney has gone overboard with this cultural sensitivity crap.

    • *to whom. Cultural competency is a research based practice. I have contracted hours of training delivering it, it’s a focus of my PhD. Maybe you’d like to learn more about it?

  4. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to tell me kids that I remember a time before Disney became a dumpster fire

  5. I am 20+ year annual passholder and lover of all things WDW. But these continual reactions to “cultural sensitivity” have gone way, way overboard. WDW is coming very close to losing its core supporters, me being one of them.

    • Indeed, core supporters who are fed up with Disney will ultimately vote with their wallets and the company will see a shift in the next generation of fans. Won’t happen overnight, but will eventually happen in the years to come.

  6. Might as well close down the parks. This is absurd. I’m offended that the parks have changed so much. Where’s my voice? Where’s my inclusion?

  7. Disney, please show us what people and/or culture was offended by those being there. Besides white liberals.

  8. I’m a Dem but this sort of CArap just boils me. Before you know it, they’ll take away the hall of presidents because some of them were slave owners. This cancel culture is getting out of hand and utterly ridiculous.

  9. Give me a break snowflake. If you’re THAT sensitive then maybe you shouldn’t be leaving the house. Whoever is in charge at the Disney parks seems way too worried about a select group of people and not concerned enough on how to keep the Disney magic alive.

  10. Bending over backwards to please the few “offended” by the bridge accents is not a good idea and as anyone can see, it will not stop there. Some of this crowd will not be happy unless Disney is shut down. Bad idea to cowtow to the very few who are reading more into what it actually is. This is not about being offended, but rather power to make Disney change. Also a bad idea to remove them without replacing them with another “less offensive” accent. Now it looks less themed. Theming is what makes each land a more special place to visit. Hope “they” are happy, but my experience tells me “they” will NEVER be happy. Sad ….

  11. That fact that thus is even a problem is nuts everyone gets offended by everything or anything get over it Lready no matter what color you are

  12. Disney is joining the world …anyone can be offended by anything thing on any day. We are a world of diversity created to be unique. How much do you need to “removed” from the world…I can’t help but think about the art that is being destroyed…SAD.

  13. i’m confused. Are there not cultures who have used shields like those? Are we pretending they don’t exist now because people of color visit the parks? I do not get how in the world those are offensive. It kind of seems like Disney assuming people will be offended by it is offensive. By this standard I guess we can expect Epcot to just shut down? Are we saying goodbye to the Three Caballeros as well? Has Disney heard the saying you can’t please all the people all the time? In the world we live in today there is always going to be something someone is going to get offended over. Stop listening to the snowflakes!!!

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