REVIEW: Average Breakfast is Not Worth the Trek to Trail’s End Restaurant at The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

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Trail’s End Restaurant reopened today at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, and we stopped in to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Trail’s End is inside Pioneer Hall at the Campsites.





A Trail’s End Family-style Breakfast is $19.99 per adult and $11.99 per child, plus tax and gratuity. The pricing is the same for the plant-based versions.

Trail’s End Family-style Breakfast

Oven-fresh Pastry Basket

Mini Muffins, Whole Grain and Butter Croissants, and Sticky Buns with Strawberry-Honey Butter


The croissants were excellent. They were nice and flaky. The cinnamon rolls were just okay; good flavor, but the rolls were a little dense. The blueberry muffin was perfectly light and fluffy, with large pieces of blueberry and a crumb topping.

Breakfast Skillet

Smoked Brisket and Eggs, Mickey Waffles, Bacon and Sausage, and Cheesy Potato Casserole served with Table Syrup


If the eggs were seasoned, we didn’t taste it. They were in desperate need of some salt. Inside were cubes of brisket, which surprisingly didn’t add much to the flavor. The meats reminded us of school cafeteria breakfast. The sausage was a little crumbly and gritty, and the bacon was relatively flavorless. We’ve definitely had better breakfast meats at other restaurants on property.


The Mickey waffles were well cooked and good texture. As usual, we enjoyed them. No surprises there. The tender, hash brown-style potatoes were baked with cheese and had a nice, crispy crust. We enjoyed those, too.

Berry-Granola-Yogurt Parfait


There is plenty of fresh fruit — grapes, blueberries, strawberries, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe — along with raisins and granola on top of strawberry yogurt. This was very good, but a little too sweet. We think it would have been better with a plain or vanilla yogurt.

Trail’s End Plant-based Family-style Breakfast

Pastry Basket

with Strawberry Spread


The cornbread was very good. The texture was a little on the hard side, but the flavor was excellent. The shortbread had us divided. It had a pleasant sweetness we all enjoyed, but some of us felt put off by its gritty texture. However, we all agreed that the dinner roll was possibly the worst roll we’ve ever eaten. Even bread lovers will want to run from this. It had the texture of a sponge and tasted like sour, expired sand. It’s the Beverly of breakfast pastries. The spread had a liquid consistency and wasn’t very salty or sweet. It didn’t add much to the pastries.

Breakfast Skillet

Just Eggs, Seitan Bacon, Potato Barrels, Mickey Waffles and Table Syrup


The plant-based Mickey waffles are standard, a little chewy but good waffle flavor. These are the same you’ll find on the plant-based menus across property. The JUST Egg scrambled eggs are also standard for Walt Disney World plant-based menus. They are denser than other egg dishes, and a little grainy, but they are exactly what you’d expect if you’ve had JUST Egg before. The tater tots are delicious. They were served hot and perfectly crispy.


The plant-based bacon is different than other meat alternatives around Disney. It’s made from seitan (wheat gluten) and has a spongy texture and strong smoky flavor. Where the Impossible brand products strive to imitate the meat they are named after, this does not. If you’re expecting bacon, this is awful. Vegans who enjoy seitan products may enjoy this.

Lemon Blueberry Trifle


The lemon curd is excellent. It’s tart and just a bit sweet. The whipped cream doesn’t taste any different than regular whipped cream, a perfect plant-based version. The fresh blueberries pull it all together. We loved this, and it was one of the best things we had.

Breakfast Cocktails


Bloody Mary


Overall, your average Bloody Mary. Nothing special, but the Absolut Peppar Vodka gave the drink a nice kick and was a perfect pair with the standard Bloody Mary mix.



The mimosa is just a mimosa. A basic breakfast beverage; it doesn’t disappoint, but doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The big, fresh strawberry garnish is a nice touch.


Overall, we wish they had given us some more adventurous, pioneer-feeling options like biscuits and gravy, or chicken and waffles. The breakfast is not a bad price point, but not worth the effort of getting all the way out to Pioneer Hall. We hope they revisit some of these options and bring a little more quality and flavor to the breakfast offering.

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annoyed vegetarian
annoyed vegetarian
16 days ago

Plant based is the only alternative option? What if you’re a vegetarian but would like eggs, cheese, etc.? This “plant based” push is awful. Vegetarian and vegan are not dirty words… They should just accommodate people based on their preferences rather than forcing you to have less options because you prefer not to eat meat.

15 days ago

another meal ruined by disney , they cant even get scrambled eggs or bacon right. nothing but disappointing

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
15 days ago

Seems to me that the food was perfect and the writer was more upset about having to do some exercise and not getting to eat what they expected… Welcome to 2021 where websites are able to be checked before trekking anywhere.

Tom Corless
10 days ago
Reply to  Bob Dylan

Nah, sounds like they budget cut Trail’s End and it’s mediocre now.

14 days ago

Used to be a favorite

Jodi Swatek
Jodi Swatek
12 days ago

There is no such thing as “Dairy eggs”…. Eggs come from chickens!

Tom Corless
12 days ago
Reply to  Jodi Swatek

People put milk or butter in eggs…