REVIEW: The Rotunda Bistro is a Welcome Addition to The American Adventure at the 2021 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

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The Rotunda Bistro is appearing at its inaugural EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, offering “tasty cuisine featuring fresh seafood and produce” in the rotunda of The American Adventure. The 2021 International Food & Wine Festival runs from July 15 – November 20, 2021. But first, let’s see how this new Marketplace fits into the pavilion!


The registers can be found outside the pavilion. A Cast Member seemed excited to see us, as we were the first in line!


As we reported yesterday, signage for The Rotunda Bistro can be found over the entrance doors.


The serving counter can be found to the right of the entrance lobby.


Inside, the rotunda has been overtaken by tables so that guests can enjoy their food and beverages indoors, and in the Florida heat, that can be appreciated at times.


But now, let’s get to the savory treats!

Menu for The Rotunda Bistro at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival


  • 🆕 Chilled Smoked Shrimp Salad (Gluten/Wheat Friendly) – $6.25
  • 🆕 Wild Mushroom and Truffle Tart with Gruyère and Crème Fraîche – $5.00
  • 🆕 Chilled Crab and Avocado Parfait with Caviar (Gluten/Wheat Friendly) – $6.50


Pictures of Menu Items from The Rotunda Bistro at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival


*NEW* Chilled Smoked Shrimp Salad – $6.25


With this, you get a nice serving of several decently-sized shrimp. The smoky flavor is there, but it’s not overpowering, plus you get a bit of tang from the seasonings and peppers.


The dressing is a creamy blend of mayonnaise and mustard. It was cold and refreshing, which is perfect for a summer festival.

*NEW* Wild Mushroom and Truffle Tart with Gruyère and Crème Fraîche – $5.00


There’s lots of rich mushroom flavor in this flaky pastry. There’s a lot of pastry, but also an ample amount of mushrooms to stand up to it.


Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of the gruyère flavor, which is barely there. You get the creaminess of the crème fraîche, but you don’t really get the cheese flavor. Still, we found it to be enjoyable.

*NEW* Chilled Crab and Avocado Parfait with Caviar – $6.50


This was delicious! There was lots of fresh crab meat, which was complemented well by the avocado. The avocado is mashed and has a strong citrus taste, to keep it from turning brown. It tasted like it was either lemon or lime.


The citrus is strong, but it complements the other flavors well. The bit of caviar and cilantro on top is a great accompaniment.

*NEW* Domaine Carneros Cuvée Brut Rosé, California ($44/bottle) – $8.50


From Domaine Carneros: “Our latest vintage of our beloved Brut Rosé entices with luscious notes of rose petal, strawberries, honeysuckle, and white cherry. Flavors of freshly cut peaches, tangerine, and a hint of pie crust evoke the bliss of a perfect summer day through the long, silky finish.”

This is a really nice refreshing choice for a daytime festival drink. It’s dry (meaning not sweet at all), and comes at a decent price relative to other festival alcoholic beverages. We appreciated that this paired perfectly with the food offerings here.

Our overall impression of the Marketplace was that this is a welcome offering. We would order all items again. With the festival now starting in the summer, they are the perfect combination for a hot day. Being able to eat inside the air-conditioned rotunda is just the cherry on top of the cake . For as weird as it is to have a festival booth in The American Adventure, it’s a winner. We highly recommend a visit!

Location of The Rotunda Bistro at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

As its name suggests, The Rotunda Bistro can be found inside the rotunda of The American Adventure. You can find it at number 34 on the map below.


What do you think of this new food booth? Let us know in the comments below.

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