BREAKING: 4 New Walt Disney World Annual Pass Tiers Announced (with Pricing), Available Next Month

Walt Disney World has announced their new Annual Pass system, which will launch on September 8, before the resort’s 50th anniversary on October 1.

The new system will have four passes: Disney Incredi-Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, and Disney Pixie Dust Pass.

Disney Incredi-Pass

This pass will be $1,299 plus tax, or $99 per month for 12 months after a down payment of $205 for Florida residents. Incredi-Pass has no blockout dates and guests can have five park reservations at a time. Current Passholders can renew to this pass for $1,104.

Disney Sorcerer Pass

This pass will be $899, or $63 per month after a $205 down payment for Florida residents. It has some blockout dates, and also includes five park reservations at a time. The Disney Sorcerer Pass is only available to Florida residents and Disney Vacation Club Members. Current Passholders can renew to this pass for $764.

Disney Pirate Pass

This will be $699 plus taxor $45 per month for 12 months after a $205 down payment. This one includes four park reservations. It is only available to Florida residents. Current Passholders can renew to this pass for $594.

Disney Pixie Dust Pass

This will cost $399 plus tax or $19 per month for 12 months after a $205 down payment. It includes three park reservations and the most blockout dates. It’s also only available to Florida residents. Current Passholders can renew to this pass for $339.

Here’s more info:

  • Hold More Park Reservations: Depending on their pass type, Passholders may now hold up to five Disney Park Pass reservations at a time. We’ll also be adding “bonus reservations” to the calendar from time to time, so Passholders can make an additional park reservation without it counting against their applicable reservation hold limit. Plus, when Passholders stay at Disney Resort hotels or other select hotels, they will also be eligible to make theme park reservations for each day of their stay – in addition to the reservations you can hold based on your pass type!
  • Customize Your Pass: Choose different add-on options based on your preferences – from the Water Park and Sports option to Disney PhotoPass downloads. These add-on options will be available for purchase with any of our four new passes. 
  • Access a New Integrated Calendar: Planning will be easier with enhancements to our reservation system, including a new integrated calendar that lets Passholders quickly see blockout dates for each pass type, view available days and make, modify or cancel a reservation all in one place.
  • Enjoy Passholder Perks: Passes will continue to offerbenefits you know and love including the Park Hopper option, standard theme park parking and discounts on merchandise and dining. And, there will be a few special surprises throughout the 50th anniversary celebration!

Please note as Walt Disney World continues to manage attendance to provide a great experience for everyone, at any time, Annual Passes may be unavailable for purchase. Annual Passholders will also still be required to make park reservations for each day of their visit. Go to DisneyWorld.com/Pass for more information and important details about our new Annual Passes.

If you are a current Passholder, please know you may continue to use your Annual Pass as you do today – when it is time for you to renew, you will be able to renew into one of our new passes (at a special renewal price). Plus, beginning Sept. 8, 2021, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Annual Passholders will also be able to hold more reservations at a time! Visit DisneyWorld.com/AnnualPass to learn more. Also be on the lookout for a new exclusive magnet coming your way soon.

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  1. Am I reading it right that only Florida residents can purchase an annual pass now for Disney World?

      1. Poorly worded by Disney: the “after a down payment of $205 for Florida residents” note on each is a reference to the monthly pricing options. Yea, the Pixie Dust and Pirate ones are explicitly Florida residents only, but the top two pricing tiers are anyone. It is just that the non-FL residents won’t get the monthly payment option.

      2. LOL….unless ur a DVC member…I don’t think they all live in FL. But I don’t h8 on DIS for a living…

    1. Only FL residents for the $399 and $699 passes.
      FL residents and DVC members for the $899 pass.
      Anyone can buy the $1299 pass.

  2. This was poorly written. They all say “for Florida residents” making it seem like only Florida residents can purchase them.

  3. It really irks me that Florida residents get cheaper rates and the ability to pay monthly. We live in PA and pay to fly down many times a year. We don’t have the luxury of just hopping in the car and driving to a park for a day. So why not reward us out of staters given that we spend more money to begin with!

  4. Will children need to pay full price for AP? We have relative who is 3 years old. Will his pass cost $1299 also? Thanks!

  5. So, if I’m reading this correctly, platinum plus had water parks, PhotoPass, parking, discounts. When this new system launches, the prices jumps for all the types, and the “Incredipass” doesn’t include PhotoPass or the water parks like it was pre-pandemic.

    Am I missing something Tom Corless?

  6. OMG, if I am reading that right even the top tier pass doesnt include the water parks and the photo pass. thats its an add-on even for the top tier pass? if thats the case, Disney has lost their minds on the pricing.

    1. Yes, they all include parking. So at least we aren’t getting shafted like California is.

  7. Your prices do not match what is on the Disney site. ex incredi-pass is $1104 plus tax. Not $1299 plus tax.

  8. So maybe -this- comment will be approved… But ok, this isn’t as awful as expected. The loss of PhotoPass as a default AP perk is sad, but now we can make sense of why they started plastering watermarks all over the place again.

    The worst part of this news is that if anyone was on the fence about Disney’s outlook towards guests and experience changing dramatically post-COVID, if you were hopeful things would start to go “back to normal” in Mouseland after C-19, well, the debate is over now. Disney Parks have fundamentally changed as they has before and always will.

    As a current Platinum AP, I do appreciate the addition of two more days of park reservations at a time, however, the “less for more” trend of the latest wave of Disney Announcements will have me greatly reconsider how far “in the bubble” I and my family will ever go again. We used to stay on property religiously, but we have already decided that is over. We will purposefully spend as little additional inside the bubble as we can for the next couple of years, but you can bet your rarest spirit jersey we will make full use of our APs.

    Disney has sent a clear message that they don’t (currently) care much for guests who don’t want to pull a every single lever and upgrade every little experience.

    I’m reminded of the mid 2000s, and hopeful that the same negative effects that ultimately made Disney less “nickel and dimey” between say 2012-2018, will ultimately return when they realize there -IS- a limit to how much people will spend before the magic starts to feel like an illusion.

  9. While I have a platinum annual pass, purchased while I was still living in NY, the rest of my family are not APs. We are wanting to change that, especially now that we are Florida residents. I am wondering when the specific block out dates will be published, as I have not been able to find a list of those dates as of yet.

    1. On the WDW site, mouse over Parks & Tickets, click annual passes, then select one of the ticket options. A new window will pop-up with Highlights info. Second bullet down shows a link with Block-Out dates specific to the AP level. No blockouts with the IncrediPass.

    2. On Disney’s site, when you click Read More for each pass type, there’s a link for each calendar. No block outs for Incredi, Christmas/NYE period and Thanksgiving for Sorceror, + All three holidays, two weeks in April and one week in March for Pirate, and then + all weekends for Pixie Dust.

  10. as WDW is quite vague on add-ons, etc. does any of the passes no longer include photo pass, parking??

      1. Tom – one more quick question. Does all the passes include park hopper or certain passes.

  11. So are these new passes replacing the current Silver, Gold, Platinum tiers or are these in addition to the current system starting in September?

    I currently have a Gold pass, I prefer it to the new Sorcerer pass as Gold includes PhotoPass for the same if not lesser price.

    1. I’d like to know that too. I’ve never been a passholder but I update my notes every year for *just in case* I finally become one (probably not until I live there). Hopefully someone answers: Are the Silver, Gold, Platinum tiers going away and also what about the Weekday Select, the FL Resident Theme Park Select, the Water Park, Water Parks After 2pm, and the Epcot After 4pm passes? Maybe some of those are long gone already but I never deleted them from my notes, not knowing if they still exist or not.

  12. This really stinks for me. Two weeks ago I recovered my annual pass and chose the weekday select. If I had waited until September 8th, I would have been able to buy the pixie pass which gets MORE days in the park, and costs LESS. Great for everybody else, lousy for me. I have to wait a year to renew to get that pass.

  13. Interesting

    -The $900 “Sorcerer Pass” blockout dates are only Thanksgiving weekend and the two week Christmas/New Year block, but not spring break, for 18 days total.
    -The $700 “Pirate Pass” is a mess of blockout dates anytime it might be busiest. Those are 3-day weekends, spring break (one week in March and two weeks in April?), 4th of July, the full Thanksgiving week, and Christmas/New Year. My count is a total of 72 blockout days from 10/1/21 thru 9/30/22.
    -The $400 “Pixie Dust Pass” is a weekday only pass, minus the 3 Spring Break weeks, Thanksgiving week, the 2 Xmas weeks, and 3-day weekends, but includes admission through the summer months. I didn’t count those days, but my estimate is 140 blockout dates total.

    I wasn’t planning to get a pass again, but I might actually consider that $400 pass, since I generally avoid most of those days due to crowds anyway.

  14. If you have already purchased a 10 day ticket will you be able to upgrade it to the annual pass?

  15. Have been waiting for this news for about 1 year! We were at Disneyworld in Sept 2020 and TRIED to upgrade our tickets then (literally asked at EVERY Guest Service office!) but were turned down. :-(

    Called today to see if they would allow us to ‘retroactively upgrade’, as a ‘Thank you’ to those of us who got to the parks last year and really wanted to purchase an annual pass but were not allowed to. REALLY thought this would be a GREAT way to thank everyone who supported the reopening of the parks…but sadly was told NO.

    VERY SAD!!

    1. I agree with you. As an AP. We got our tickets just as the parks closed for COVID. We patiently waited, didn’t cancel and have been going every since they reopened. We spend easily $2k a month on food and merch. But AP gets no respect from WDW. Whoever is running WDW is so out of touch with reality. But we keep going because it allows me to escape this crazy world.

  16. for those out of state, an annual pass only makes sense if you go for 3 weeks out of the year. it appears to be a way of phasing out annual pass sales in disguise to me.

  17. $399 annual pass? Wow, that’s cheap! My 10 day pass for the slowest time of the year is over 700 each! I am moving to orlando.

  18. Notice that Genie+ isn’t mentioned as part of the annual pass options. That means every time an AP holder goes to the parks, they need to pay that extra money for Genie+ and LL if they want to skip lines.

  19. The changes made to the transportation system especially with the busses is a tragic mess. Disney needs to go back to the way they were. It was most efficient and helpful.

  20. The key to us non-Floridians isn’t the fact that once again we can’t pay on time is that the Incredi-Pass price for renewal is increased by 8.8%. Wow! Plus we have to pay for the new Fastpass system (like everyone else).

  21. I was able to renew my Platinum Annual pass inMay but couldn’t add on water parks. Will I be able add the water park option to my current pass or will I have to wait until I renew with the Incredi pass?

  22. I just called Disney and Florida residents can buy all passes, DVC can buy only the top 2 passes and anyone else can buy only the most expensive pass. As a DVC member and annual pass holder im pretty angry. My passes just went up in price $100 2 years ago and now they are going up another $130 and they made the memory maker an addon as well instead of being included. With a family of five these things keep adding up. Yearly dues went up, passes went up with less perks and DVC reallocated the point structure so its really costly to visit unless its when kids are in school. AND you cant borrow more than %50 of your future points to use for a vacation. Disney is really getting out of hand and I am starting to second guess if I should continue vacation there.

  23. Universal has a similar tier structure such that out-of-staters can only buy the most expensive tier & only FL residents can buy the lower tiers. It looks like industry standard.

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