Dwayne Johnson is Frank Wolff and Emily Blunt is Lily Houghton in Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE. Photo by Frank Masi. © 2021 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sequel to Jungle Cruise Movie Already in Development at Disney

Thanks to the success of the already $100 million-plus earning film Jungle Cruise, based on the Disney Parks attraction, work is already underway to bring audiences a sequel.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are set to return as riverboat captain Frank Wolff and the explorer Dr. Lily Houghton, as well as the directing and producing team of the original film.

Currently, the film has a worldwide box office of over $187 million.

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  1. How is this movie a financial success? It’s way underwater. Plus, it wasn’t even a good movie. No one wants a sequel.

    1. Agree 100%. Horrible movie simply due to the unnecessary insertion of the brother’s backstory and the gender-swapped Trader Sam. Good grief.

      1. What’s the problem with the brother’s backstory? Just say you don’t like gay people.

        1. It was completely unnecessary and shoe-horned in the movie. It added nothing to the story other than to show that Disney is woke. Just say you don’t like straight people.

  2. This movie cost $200 million to make, plus another $170 million to advertise. It gross 187 million in box office. It needs to gross $500 million to break even. In short, Disney lost a ton of money on it. But, being that thy are making a sequel, I guess they didn’t lose enough.

  3. Honestly, it was not that bad but the brother character was super annoying to me and the Rock plays the same person in almost every movie.

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