Parking gate Hollywood studios 8202020

Dog Rescued from Vehicle at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Parking Lot

The Reedy Creek Fire Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Office were called Monday night to the parking lot of Disney’s Hollywood Studios to after a small dog was noticed left inside an unattended vehicle.

Parking gate Hollywood studios 8202020

Ultimately, the fire department was able to enter the vehicle to rescue the canine, who eventually recovered from the incident and was returned to their owner, who left the theme park. The whole thing was reportedly posted to Facebook, garnering thousands of comments before the poster who notified Walt Disney World security confirmed that the dog was rescued. According to the Sheriff’s Office, no charges against the owner have been filed, though historically, they have filed charges against owners whose pets had been harmed or killed by being left in unattended vehicles.

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  1. I’m surprised they gave the dog back after that. The dog deserves to be in a better home. Thankfully it was not a child.

  2. IM SORRY, WHAT???
    What the diddley do is wrong with people ?

  3. That poor dog!! Thank goodness they were able to rescue it and save it!! Please save Splash Mountain!! Expand the park and add a Princess and the Frog attraction!!

  4. Why why WHY would they return that dog to the piece of excrement that left the poor thing in the car in FLORIDA IN THE MIDDLE OF FLIPPING AUGUST?!?!?!?! It is inexcusable!!!! That poor excuse for a person should have been arrested!

  5. thank goodness someone saw the dog and was able to help him. if you ever see a dog in distress, PLEASE alert someone, it could be life or death and in this FL heat – it will be death. the owners should definitely not have any pets. poor thing.

  6. I know the gentleman who discovered the dog, and he said he followed up- the owners are actually being charged and have to appear in court. Thank goodness! They shouldn’t have that pup anymore. It makes one wonder how many times this has happened before, whether with this dog or another pet, or if it may happen again in the future. 😔😢

  7. Charges should have been filed against owner.
    That poor dog, rescuers said dog would only have lived one more hour. Had they not got there in time. How selfish can this pet owner be, I mean really.

  8. The owner of the Maltese does not deserve to keep the dog. Give it to a good home. She should be charged with animal
    Cruelty!!!! I would love the dog. I had to put down my 15 yr of Maltese bin April.
    How could anyone do this to their dog??
    She’ll do it again too!!!!

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