Interactive “Disney Uncharted Adventure” Coming to Disney Wish Cruise Ship

A magical new interactive experience will be available on Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, Disney Wish. “Disney Uncharted Adventure” sends guests on a quest throughout the Disney Wish to search for missing pieces of the Wishing Star, answering the question, “If wishing upon a star makes your dreams come true, what happens when that star goes missing?”


Guests will be able to play Disney Uncharted Adventure with the Play Disney Parks mobile app. Their device will be “enchanted” to become a magical spyglass that allows them to view constellations across the ship. Guests can even get started as soon as they book a cruise on the Disney Wish, when they will receive a message from Captains Minnie and Mickey with information about stars and constellations from real life and stories. The experience is grounded in the ancient tradition of wayfinding by starlight, as seen in Moana.

“While guests will need a mobile device to play, this isn’t a traditional mobile gaming experience,” Walt Disney Imagineer Davey Feder said. “This is a heads-up, active experience that can be played with family and friends. The magic will happen all around the ship. The spyglass is not where the adventure takes place — it’s just the tool that brings the ship to life, opening portals into new worlds and allowing guests to interact with them.”

The Disney Wish will be infused with innovative technology, including augmented reality and physical effects, that will be activated when playing Disney Uncharted Adventure.

“Guests might admire a beautiful painting today without realizing that, hiding right beneath the surface, there’s a hoard of mischievous Kakamora from the world of Moana just waiting to escape and wreak havoc on the ship,” Feder said. “A digital menu board might showcase what’s for lunch in the afternoon, but later it will host a cooking lesson in Tiana’s own kitchen.”

Guests can play individually or as a group to find the shattered pieces of the Wishing Star. Their device will direct them to different parts of the ship with different interactive elements, where they can use their “spyglass” as a controller. They will join the heroic characters who inhabit each destination on a mission to find the star fragment that landed there. Highlights include:

  • teaming up with Moana to navigate their canoes beyond the reef;
  • helping Tiana cook up the perfect pot of her father’s favorite gumbo;
  • summoning Tinker Bell to give the Disney Wish an extra dash of pixie dust; and
  • diving into the East Australian Current (EAC) with Nemo and friends.

The adventure will culminate in a grand finale hosted in Luna, one of the ship’s premier entertainment venues. During this live interactive experience, every guest who played the game can gather together to battle an infamous Disney villain (who’s been pulling the strings all along) and finally restore the wishing star to its rightful place in the sky.

Watch a video about Disney Uncharted Adventure below.

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