More Information Revealed About Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge Aboard Disney Wish Cruise Ship

One of the many exciting venues guests will be able to experience about Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wish is Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge. This bar is inspired by some of the elegant spaces seen in the Star Wars universe.

Walt Disney Imagineers have worked to create a seamless transition from the Disney Wish’s Grand Hall to Hyperspace Lounge. Guests will go under a metallic gold-lined archway into a dark antechamber. Senior Creative Director Danny Handke described this as a “palette cleanser” before guests step through airlock doors into the lounge.


Inside, guests will see a Holotube showcasing different holographic ship models, including The Ghost from “Star Wars: Rebels”, Brooke McDonald reports. As seen in concept art, there will be a large window with a constantly changing view of outer space. Guests will recognize different planets from the Star Wars universe, including Coruscant, Mustafar, and Tatooine. They might also spot the Halcyon, the ship from the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel also launching next year.

The lounge will jump through hyperspace every 7-10 minutes. In order to combat motion sickness, scenes on the screen move in sync with the movement of the ship. The hyperspace jumps are also sideways, which is only the second time that has ever been portrayed.

Drinks will be on display in the Hyperspace Lounge, with colorful liquids and custom glass bottles. Each beer tap is designed as a nod to the beer’s home planet. Of course, there will be signature cocktails and interactive tasting experiences.

Hyperspace Lounge will be open to all guests during the day, before becoming an adults-only space at night. The music will also shift, from John Williams’ iconic score to more “cantina” music.

Source: Brooke McDonald

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3 months ago

I cannot wait to experience this in August 2022! Thank you Jesus!