Highest Walt Disney World Annual Pass Type is Only Option for Non-Floridians

Walt Disney World announced their four new Annual Passholder tiers this morning. While Florida residents have all four options to choose from, most out-of-state guests will only be able to purchase the Disney Incredi-Pass.

The Disney Sorcerer Pass will be available to Florida residents and Disney Vacation Club Members (who may or may not be out-of-state). The Pixie Dust and Pirate Passes will only be available to Florida residents.

When it comes to the Disney Incred-Pass, Florida residents will be able to pay a down payment followed by monthly installments. Everyone else, however, will have to pay the full $1,299 upfront.

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How do you feel about only one type of Annual Pass being available to non-Floridians? Let us know in the comments.

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      1. I wouldn’t say my comment was exhibiting rage. Just questioning why WDWNT needed a separate article when this was the case prior as well. People on other platforms are also pointing out as well.

        1. It was one of the most read stories of the day. I think there’s too much assumption that everyone who reads the site knows what you know. We write for everyone, not just for the most knowledgeable people. It was meaningful to many.

          1. Maybe you or your writers failed to inform the people of all the facts in the article. So people who “didn’t know” would know this was the same case. There’s plenty to be upset about that’s real without causing a false negative for click bait.

            1. Again, there were two passes you could buy before, so the above story is totally accurate and all the info needed. I’m sorry you don’t feel that way.

    1. You are right, Danny. Platinum was the least expensive option (without buying DVC and other more expensive versions) for out of state people. This version is different but that “rule” has not changed.

      I clicked the link because of the way the title was worded made me think it was somehow different from before and I’ve noticed the Admin is calling everyone else who also noticed that and his only defense is “it’s his highest article today. It’s four paragraphs of obvious information but worded strangely to initiate confusion and maybe anger. But most out of town annual passholders would know

      I’m going to block this news site from my feed from now on. It’s not the writer or even the article but the admin calling people out. Maybe have more courtesy for actual readers who know things.

  1. It’s all about the dollars and at the end of the day Bob doesn’t care what anyone thinks. They will continue to increase fees until people stop paying them. And he has already stated that AP’s don’t spend enough at the parks.

  2. wow
    absolutely unbelievable
    like has disney lost their minds
    I might have gotten the pirate pass because it seemed like a decent pass but again a 700 dollar price tag turns me away from that but 1300 dollars per pass IS MY ONLY OPTION no absolutely not
    I seriously can go to universal and get the BIGGEST MOST EXPENSIVE PASS for less money than the 1300 dollar incredipass i think it’s like 450ish dollars each
    and i get benefits and can go whenever i want so sorry disney but you can go broke

  3. Many people from the Northeast come down there to escape the winter weather during the winter months and they also come down to Florida during mid winter break from school and spring break as well which is not fair for those who live out of state and deserved a trip to Disney World after getting vaccinated. They should have a separate pass for those who live out of state.

      1. If you’re going to be using semantics like that – then you might as well consider the waterpark add on. So they have several add on options. Come on – you were called out for making the article read like this was a change to what was in place and it really wasn’t. Just own up to it. The fact that one called it “plus” and the new one calls it an “add on” doesn’t change the fact that the 365 day no blackout pass was the only one available to non-residents (unless DVC).

  4. So basically you have to be a Florida resident to enjoy the top three or a DVC member. So anybody who doesn’t live in Florida gets the shaft. Plus they’re taking out benefits the previous passholders got like photopass, Just lost us as passholders. #middleclass. Out pricing. Disney’s new motto More money=less benefits

    1. Wouldn’t exactly say ‘enjoy’, prices are still up significantly and lots of new blackout dates added.

  5. Hasn’t this always been the case? I’ve been an out of state passholder for three years and I’ve only ever been able to buy the top tier pass.

  6. It really does not matter to me anymore. After our last couple of experiences at Disney World, we will continue going to Disney Springs, staying at DVC, but will not be going to Disney Parks. We went to Magic Kingdom in the Spring of this year, they had just switched from 25% to 50%, there was a minimum of 60 minute wait for almost everything. So we went back to the resort and chilled in the pool. Won’t be going back to the Disney Parks for quite awhile. They continue to oversell the parks and make the experience miserable. IMHO they should implement the ticketing system Universal and SeaWorld have where you can buy the FastPass (or call it what you want).

  7. I don’t mind the Incredi-Pass being the only option, but freaking blows that only Floridians get the down payment/monthly payment option. Lol.

  8. I’m getting idea/ feeling Disney is no longer interested in having people attend the park. I wonder how Walt would feel about this turn of events

  9. Disney just lost my business… I live out of state and wouldn’t be going to Disney that many times a year and I have to pay the highest cost?!? Bye Disney

    1. Ummm . . . what did you buy before? Clearly not the Silver or Gold or Weekday pass which was limited to residents. If you had a pass as an out of state resident you had a platinum pass which was the highest cost pass as well.

  10. All the out of state residents that support Disney year in and year out and they never get a financial break. Why can’t there be a payment plan for us-certainly some of your most loyal customers. I feel like we are not valued.

  11. I think it’s pitiful and unfair!!! How about compact states likes GA, SC, NC being included? It is DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT OR OK!!!

  12. Disney really cut out affordable options for families in Florida that do not live in the immediate Orlando area or have children. Disney’s pixie pass is equivalent to the weekday select, however they skipped over the silver pass pricing, went to gold pricing and added way more blackout dates than either the silver or gold pass ever had. Very disappointed. Not even the most expensive pass includes the waterparks etc, which I wouldn’t mind the option to add to any pass but not with these prices. its so disappointing especially with the new Genie+ and lightening lane. Disney is making it hard to come enjoy any magic for families. I was so ready to get my passes and never let them lapse again but I can’t with these options. I understand money was missed when they closed but this is not the way. I am sad to have to actually break up, and sad that we have tickets and passes for October 1st and won’t turn these into annual passes, and probably will have to spring for the lightening pass that I had no plans to encourage and entertain but seems it will be our last Magic Kingdom trip until who knows when. I really hoped they would have comparable options with different price points.

    1. That is the big deal! So many people commenting here outraged about the “non-change” of what non-residents can purchase. But – the silver pass was very much demolished for many with the new restrictions on all minor holidays as well in return for getting the summer back (when presumably many of them didn’t want to go). The highest and lowest aren’t massive changes – your typical price increase. But the middle two tiers are a massive hike for negative changes.

      1. This is exactly our issue, we are not in FL for the summer so the minor holiday blackout along with the price increase is a really big hit.

  13. As a non-Floridian pass holder for many years, I’m a bit disappointed with one aspect in particular. The ability to only make five park reservations at a time…unless we stay on property. Traveling for as far as we do, it’s somewhat limiting as we usually come for more than five days – and haven’t always stayed in the expensive Disney hotels.

  14. This title is a little misleading. It sounded like the top tier was only an option for non-Floridians, not that it was the only option for them. 🤷🏼‍♂️

      1. Title was absolutely misleading. With changes this extreme you could have sensationalized anything but instead you used semantics to make a headline. Non florida residents had the option of platinum or platinum plus pass before and yes, platinum was less expensive but only slightly. The headline gives the impression that before this change, there were more less expensive options available to non residents. Multiple people have called you out on it and you’ve been dismissive and condescending instead of accountable.

        1. Again, it’s this battle to be “right”. I’m just telling you that the average reader found this helpful in the confusion of the announcement. That was its purpose and it was successful. This isn’t misleading, it’s purely the facts of the program. We have a difference in opinion, neither of us is going to waver, let’s not waste time here.

  15. So, it appears that there is no equivalent pass for the old Premier Pass? The one that was for both Disneyland Parks and WDW? Has there been any info about that yet?

  16. As a Floridian and DVC Member, My biggest issue is the lack of discount on the Incredipass. Both Platinum and Platinum Plus had a FL/DVC discount!

  17. So I’m not upset about the priciest one only being available for non residents it makes sense however the not offering of any kind of payment plan is kind of a slap to the face

  18. Pretty much sucks. Installment plan is the only way many of us out of state can do it. Especially with the cost and additional cost they are implementing while taking things away. I often wonder what Walt would think of 4h3 greed to his dream

  19. This was the way it was pre-covid. Out of state passholders were only offered the highest cost option and were required to pay in full at time of purchase. Source: I was an out of state passholder before covid.

  20. is this a push to sell dvc since reviera sales are doing so poorly. even then, an annual pass only makes sense if you are going at least two times per year.

  21. We paid $609 for an annual pass just before Disney closed down due to covid. Now the pass is $899. That’s $209 per person more! It also looks like you’ll have to pay extra for “options” that were previously included – Photo Pass and Park Hopping. Disney is out pricing families!

  22. No it wasn’t. I was an out-of-state passholder had the Deluxe pass and there were other choices for out-of-state. I’d like to know why there are so many Florida passes and out-of-state people get screwed! I was a WDW & DLR annual pass holder for years, NOT any more. I have access to Military tickets and I guess from now on that’s what I am going to use unless something changes.

  23. Disney lost me when Fast Passes went away. Over the years there have been to many take aways and downgrades with no replacements. I will keep my memories of the night parades,, live Epcot entertainers,, live pre shows, unexpected surprises from Disney workers and the joy they radiated. For me it is no longer fun to plan a Disney vacation. It has lost to much.

  24. Universal has a similar tier structure such that out-of-staters can only buy the most expensive tier & only FL residents can buy the lower tiers. I’m not thrilled, but the pass tier structure looks like industry standard.

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