PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 8/16/21 (Passholder Appreciation Days Begin, Raptor Eggs Hatch in the Discovery Center, “Child’s Play” Set Appears for Halloween Horror Nights, and More)

Welcome to another fantastic day here at the Universal Orlando Resort. Today is the start of Passholder Appreciation Days and we’re in for a busy day, so let’s get going and make our way over to Islands of Adventure first.


First stop of the day is to Toon Extra in Toon Lagoon for our Passholder Appreciation Days UOAP magnet. These magnets are complimentary to UOAPs and available while supplies last. Many people go to the UOAP Lounge to pick up their magnets, but we prefer to get ours from Toon Lagoon at Islands of Adventure. They open earlier than the lounge and rarely have a line to pick them up.


A quiet Monday morning in Jurassic Park. We made our way over to the Jurassic Park Discovery Center to check out what the geneticists were up to today.


Perfect timing! We were lucky enough to witness a new raptor hatching in the nursery. You can check out more photos and a full video of the hatching here. This little raptor was named “Fanta” by one of the kids in the area. Hopefully, she grows up quickly and will join the pack over at the VelociCoaster.


It’s National Roller Coaster Day, but Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure was delayed this morning. Signs around the park let guests know that the attraction would open later in the day.


It’s nice to be able to enjoy Hogsmeade with low crowds.


The new Halloween Horror Nights jean jacket has been selling very quickly at the new All Hallows Eve Boutique! It was restocked today, but only available in size large and XL. We hear they will be restocking more, so just keep checking back if they don’t have your size.


It’s quiet around the entire park, but especially around Seuss Landing now that kids have started going back to school around here.


Looks like this creature in the If I Ran the Zoo playground is in need of minor repairs.


We stopped into the Starbucks today to try the new UOAP Island Tea. It was absolutely incredible and we highly recommend it. Get all the details here.


There are some new shirts available at the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk.


The Tribute Store facade is complete now and looks great. We can’t wait to see what’s inside!


Chucky is back for Halloween Horror Nights 30. This “Child’s Play” stage has returned and we can’t wait to see it on the opening night of HHN.


It’s noon and there’s no line for Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.


The longest line in the park might be this line in the UOAP Lounge for the new Passholder magnet. Good thing we got ours this morning.


Check out this new UOAP merchandise line for Passholder Appreciation Days. Check out our post here for more photos and prices of the merchandise.


Only a 10 minute wait for Revenge of the Mummy this afternoon. What a great day to be in the parks!


It’s super quiet around here today. It’s been a nice break from the crazy summer crowds, but Halloween Horror Nights is right around the corner!


Time to try the Kimchee Fries from Mel’s Drive-In. Check out our full review in our post here.


It’s been a long, hot day here at the Universal Orlando Resort. We’re going to get out of here and take a nap! Thanks for joining us around the parks today and be sure to keep following Universal Parks News Today for more updates.