REVIEW: Boma – Flavors of Africa Breakfast Returns OLD SCHOOL Buffet Style at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

After being gone for nearly a year and a half, buffets have finally returned to Walt Disney World with the reopening of Boma – Flavors of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Eager to see how things have change (and get a taste of some of our favorites), we appeared for breakfast this morning.

Restaurant Overview


As before, guests check in at the reception desk before being seated. A sign in front of the desk reminds guests that they can check in or look for availability on their mobile devices.


As we entered the restaurant, we noticed plenty of signage reminding guests to keep their face coverings on until they were actively eating or drinking at their table, as is policy at all indoor locations.


Otherwise, little has changed in the restaurant’s setup since it closed back in March 2020.


Tables with bench seating were distanced out, though the larger tables remained close together.


Glasses and mugs are placed on the table prior to the guests’ arrival.


To help curb the possible spread of COVID-19, a hand sanitizer dispenser is stationed at the entrance to the buffet line.


As is usual at buffets, plates and bowls are stacked up at the beginning of the line.

Buffet Overview

The Boma breakfast buffet is $29 per adult and $16 per child, plus tax and gratuity.



The first station features vegetable offerings and accompaniments, including fire-roasted tomatoes, oak-grilled asparagus, pap (a creamy white cornmeal) and chakalaka (a spicy South African tomato stew).


More face covering signage can be found above the food stations.

Turkey Bobotie and Ham


And what’s a trip to Boma without some bobotie? For breakfast, a turkey version is offered, made with turkey, mushrooms and eggs. I wish it had been warmer, but the flavors present were diverse and interesting. A must try for sure.


Cast Members offer carved ham. The famous “Boma mustard” is sitting just a few inches away awaiting your application to the tender, flavorful meat.



The creamy cornmeal is a personal favorite, but everything you see above was close to perfection.


Next, it’s time to grab a bowl for the oatmeal station!


Both a standard steel-cut oatmeal and a plant-based coconut oatmeal are offered.


Guests can garnish their dish with brown sugar, raisins, and banana chips.


If you eat anything at Boma, let it be the coconut oatmeal. The subtle coconut flavoring in the creamy dish makes for something seemingly simple, yet delicious.

Bacon, Sausage, Tater Tots and Sweet Plantains


For those who like meat and potatoes in the morning, bacon, sausage, tater tots and sweet plantains star in the next section.


These are standard breakfast items done quite well. The tots in particular have a seasoning we assume to contain paprika that is very enjoyable, but the second plate we had might have been a little too salty. I don’t think that will stop many from enjoying them though.


I regularly eat plantains and these are really well prepared. Sometimes these can come out a little too slimy, but that is not the case here. They are firm, but still moist, and packed with flavor.

Pancakes and Waffles


Next up are pancakes, available with and without blueberries, and those famous Mickey Mouse and Simba/Nala waffles!


You can’t go wrong with pancakes.


The waffles are the same at most locations, but it wouldn’t be a Disney breakfast without them.

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Guests use tongs to pick their options.

Eggs and Omelets


The following station features eggs, including scrambled eggs, a version with spinach, tomato and feta cheese, as well as a choice of three omelets: cheese, ham and cheese, and a Western omelet.


Disney buffet scrambled eggs are typically a lost cause, but these were well prepared and not runny at all.


The loss of being able to make your own omelet is to be mourned, but if this is all we lost in getting back full buffets and bringing all these great cast members back to work, we will all survive. Three options at the ready is nice, and all were perfectly crafted.



For a tasty and nutritious pick, the next stop is fruit, with an avocado, papaya and grapefruit salad.


A disclaimer about cross-contact between allergy-friendly items and non-allergy friendly items is posted above this station.


Another Boma specialty is watermelon slices with a mint-pistachio crumb. For those looking for something less adventurous, plain watermelon, grapes, and a standard fruit salad are also served. All the fruit was wonderfully fresh, and the watermelon with the crumble on top is one of the breakfast highlights.


Yogurt Parfait


Yogurt fans can enjoy a mixed-berry parfait. Sadly, we didn’t find it to be particularly good. The yogurt itself seemed low quality.


We were excited to try the avocado, papaya and grapefruit salad, but the mixture didn’t work for us. The sweet fruit countering the avocado flavor was off-putting to our palate, but I wouldn’t doubt someone will enjoy this.

Cold Eggs and Charcuterie


But soon, it’s back to the meat, with a station offering hard-boiled eggs, deviled eggs with smoked salmon, a pork charcuterie with salami and ham, and sliced cheeses.


The deviled eggs are standard, but good. I can’t complain about anything at this station.

Breads and Pastries


Breads and pastries are the focus of the remaining stations. First is a bounty of muffins, guava turnovers, and apple pockets.


Typical fare, but everything tasted fresh and hit the spot.


For those looking for something sweet, be sure to check out the sticky buns and French toast bread pudding, along with a pecan praline sauce for something extra.


I wasn’t a fan of the sticky buns, as good as they look. The sweet coating was way too thick, making the pastry crunchy instead of soft, and there might be too many nuts on top.


The French Toast Bread Pudding is the opposite in that it is absolutely perfect. A soft interior with a flavorful, cinnamon-packed crunch on top makes for the absolute best item Boma breakfast has to offer. You can also pair this with the nearby vanilla sauce for a killer combination.


If you’re a cinnamon roll fan, you’re in luck! There’s a whole table devoted to them.


Bagels and croissants can be found with an assortment of jellies, jams, butter and cream cheese. Originally being from New York, I stay away from the bagels as it only leads to disappointment, but I do like the buttery, flaky croissants.


And finally, there’s the good old toaster with a selection of bread.

Overall Thoughts

Thankfully, Boma is one of those returning Walt Disney World experiences that has come back pretty much exactly as we remember it.


Given how buffets are a staple of Walt Disney World, it’s great to see them back at full strength again.


Boma remains a great place to start your day before adventuring out into everything The Most Magical Place on Earth has to offer. It is clearly one of the best breakfasts on Walt Disney World property.


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  1. Very nice and I’m glad the selection is good. Hopefully from here, it’ll have no where to go but up as more people get vaccinated and Disney better restores staffing.

  2. I am surprised that they do not require plastic disposable gloves to be put on at the beginning of the buffet line. We were at a buffet at a Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse last year, and they had an employee at the buffet area passing out disposable gloves that were required to be worn when using the buffet. A new set of gloves were needed for each visit to the buffet. I expected Disney would at a minimum do the same.

    1. It was proven a while back that the chances of passing covid though touching objects was extremely low. I generally dont like masks, but this is one place I can see their use to keep people from sneezing onto the shared food. After using the shared utensils to fix your plate, use hand sanitizer and you’ll be good to go.

  3. Last time I was there for breakfast they had a corned beef that was made with the Bima mustard sauce, with extra sauce on the side. Looks like that’s not back yet, but I dream of that corned beef and sauce it’s that good.

  4. disney finally re opened a restaurant with out cost cutting and putting out cheap quality food, and look WDWNT has a good review , .

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