PHOTOS: Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket Scented Loungefly Backpack Floats into Walt Disney World

There have been a lot of cute Loungefly backpacks at Walt Disney World recently — the Halloween print backpack, the purple wall backpack, and the poseable ears Grogu backpack, just to name a few. But we may have hit a whole new level of cool with this newest Loungefly backpack. We found it in Uptown Jewelers at the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket Loungefly Backpack — $80


This cute little backpack features the ever-popular popcorn bucket shaped like a Mickey balloon. Disney has released a series of these popcorn buckets in recent years, with the most recent iteration being a chrome blue balloon bucket, and they are always well received and much sought-after by collectors.


The balloon has popcorn spilling out from the top of the bucket, stitched in place.


What’s really cool about the balloon bucket print is that you can see the popcorn within the nearly-opaque bucket. What great attention to detail!


This also gives Mickey’s face just a bit of lift and shadow, making the flat balloon feel more 3D than it actually is.


The print around the backpack features many different colors of the Mickey balloon popcorn buckets.


Quite possibly the coolest feature out of all the amazing aspects of this bag is that it is scented like popcorn!


The lining print is simple Mickey silhouette shapes in circles with red lines on white. This definitely evokes a feel of a popcorn box, further tying it to the theme.


Do you love this Mickey balloon popcorn bucket Loungefly backpack as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below. For more newly released merchandise from Walt Disney World, don’t miss this 50th anniversary calendar and check out all the merchandise and fun offerings coming to the first ever World Princess Week.

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