PHOTOS: Creations Shop and Club Cool Near Completion in World Celebration Neighborhood of EPCOT

EPCOT’s new flagship store, Creations Shop, as well as the new Club Cool location, are set to open this summer, so construction has been moving quickly in the park’s World Celebration neighborhood.


The World Celebration and World Nature neighborhoods collide at the construction site in the center of the park, with Journey of Water inspired by Moana on one side.


Construction of Journey of Water has not seen significant progress since the single small structure (on the right in the above photo) was enclosed.


Scaffolding was recently erected at the rounded corner of the future World Celebration quick-service restaurant, a good sign that the roof overhang will be completed soon.


The quick-service restaurant and adjacent Starbucks do not have an announced opening timeframe. The roof overhang above them also needs to be repainted.


With Creations Shop and Club Cool opening first, their half of the building’s exterior was painted a new creamy beige.


We can see some light panels inside Creations Shop now that tarp and painter’s tape have been removed from the windows.


There’s still plenty to be done to the exterior before the shop can open, however.


From the Monorail, we caught a glimpse inside the breezeway, where purple ceiling lights were recently tested.


The floor tiles here look the same or similar to what they were back in the 80’s and 90’s.


Back on the ground, we took another look at the quick-service restaurant. While windows were installed a few weeks ago, they are still covered in painter’s tape and exterior walling has yet to be completed. We can see straight through the building to the breezeway.


At the Creations Shop end of the building, a wall of planters can be seen near the new popcorn kiosk. It’s possible not all of the entrances to Creations Shop will be available when it does open.

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