PHOTOS: Scaffolding Erected at Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom

Scaffolding has been erected on the façade for Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. The attraction is not currently on the refurbishment schedule, but many projects that don’t require a temporary closure are underway in preparation for the park’s 50th anniversary this October.


The popular attraction usually closes for refurbishment each winter, but has not undergone a refurbishment since February 2020.

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Splash Mountain is slated to be rethemed to “The Princess and the Frog,” but no timetable has been announced. Many locations around the park, such as Be Our Guest Restaurant, are undergoing façade work in advance of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

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  1. They better give plenty of advanced notice. I want a chance to get the family there for one last visit to the laughing place before it is destroyed. Our favorite ride, so sad to see it go for virtue signaling.

  2. So so sad. Should not be taken away. If you want a princess and frog ride make one. Disney knows if they do that people MAY go on it onece and be done with it. Trying to force it to be popular. Sad this October when my family goes will likely be the last time on the ride. WILL NOT GO ON THE NEW ONE! Just because its not right. Hopefully others will do the same. You cant cancel things if you dont let them. Man I still remember when I went on Splash mountain for the first time with my dad. Sucks just plane ridiculous. Such a wonderful fun popular ride. Im starting to call myself a Walt fan not a Disney fan. NEED TO GET BACK TO HIS WAY OF THINKG!

  3. A totally unnecessary and irrelevant transformation. This fad will pass Disney and you will regret that you touched this attraction. Don’t be surprised when it bombs

  4. Absolutely heart-broken. This ride is great fun for all ages and fits frontier land perfectly, instead they’re going to replace it for a ride that takes place in 1920’s Lousiana. Talk about terrible theming. More harm than good the WDW corp. has done in the past few years. R.I.P to the brer gang.

  5. Disney is making a terrible mistake with Splash Mountain.I would imagine Walt is turning over in his grave on this one. What is the purpose of this? Just to try to be politically correct to a few . Splash is a kid friendly and all ages friendly ride. One of the most popular in all of Disney World.I have rode this ride probably a 100 times in my 15plus years going to Disney. There’s nothing racist about this ride. It’s all because it’s Southern themed. Disney is being the racist..
    Makes me not ever want to go back ..

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