Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Can Now Be Required by Cruise Lines in Florida According to Federal Judge Ruling

A new preliminary ruling issued on August 8, 2021 by District Judge Kathleen Williams will allow cruise lines to require proof of vaccination for COVID-19 from passengers before they are allowed to board any vessel.

This ruling is major as it directly contradicts Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis’ May 2021 continuous push for “vaccine passports” to not be required by law.

According to Reuters, the U.S. Judge on the case said that the cruise line in question, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., could potentially prevail in the matter due to the fact that it could put the public health of those aboard the ship in jeopardy. There is also the matter of unconstitutional infringement on the company’s rights as a fleet.

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Violations of the law by the cruise line, if in place, could be upwards of $5,000 per guest.

The cruise line will continue to operate as scheduled on August 15th from port.

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  1. when theyre covid testing at site, Before coming to site, on board… Why bother with vaccine certificates ??? Many are most likely faked

  2. The problem I have with this is that the “proof” is nothing more than a paper card that can easily be forged. And you would think there would at least be some official stamp on that card! Leave it to the boneheads of the CDC to use a decades old way of doing things instead of issuing a digital card or even a plastic card with a barcode that could be scanned.
    So basically you have someone at the cruise terminal (or themepark, or any event) that glances at your card for 1 second and determines that you are good to go. Dumb!

    1. others did get caught, but it is possible, underage kids still get in bars, – imagine if you caused the death of another because of Covid, just to go on a cruise really!

    1. If its overturned say good bye to cruising for awhile again, because the Bahamas do not want cruise ships in their ports, if anyone is NOT vaccinated. And according to US law a cruise ship cannot sail unless it docks at one particular port on a sailing. Its an old law but still on books. And can and will be used as pointed out in a news article last week.
      DiSantis would indirectly win, but in doing so shut down the cruise industry again.

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