PHOTOS, VIDEO: Monkeys & Baby Elephant Finally Arrive in New Finale Scene, Medicine Cabinet with Mary Poppins Reference Added to Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom

The last herd of major additions for the jungle-trekking attraction have arrived to the queue and along the rivers of Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom.


In the queue line, just behind the wall of life preservers that were added a few days prior, sits a medicine cabinet of sorts, with a large variety of bottles and supplies to sustain every jungle traveler.


A plethora of colored bottles filled with liquids such as ‘Nightly Dream Developer’, ‘Flatulent Serum for Celic Reflux, & Gas’, and ‘Courage Elixir’.


A nod to Mary Poppins, a multi-flavored syrup bottle on a shelf here reads ‘Practically Perfect Peculiar Way Remedy – A Spoonful of Sweetness’ that changed flavor as Mary gave it to the children after a rainy day in the park.


At Trader Sam’s Gift Shop at the end of the attraction, monkeys fooling around with a gramophone sit atop of luggage are revealed from what used to be green camouflage tarp.

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More “monkey business” is happening as two of the primates in front of the shop fight over a pair of heart undergarments after digging into a suitcase.


Also previously covered in green camouflage tarps while the rest of the attraction took shape, a final monkey operating a camera gets ready for your close-up next to a new ‘Cruise Photo Here!’ sign next to a baby elephant waving its trunk just before your vessel turns the corner to the ‘parradox’.

Check out our video of the new moving additions below while we wait for the remainder of the attraction to be completed.

To see the fully completed attraction at Disneyland with all the props in place, watch the video below.

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  1. Strange how the JC at MK was so much behind the refurb at Disneyland. Perhaps that was due to having the movie premiere at Disneyland. When it reopened at Disneyland I think everything was done and ready to go. We were on it this past weekend and I do like all the new additions and changes except they really need to have Trader Sam back!

  2. So there are now no longer any native humans in the Jungle. Guess you can’t offend anybody if there’s no representation in the attraction.

  3. so let me get this straight. disney has taken away much of african culture on the jungle cruise but has added a reference to the very white mary poppins in the name of cultural sensitivity? WOW!

  4. I wonder if these additions come with new hidden Mickeys as well. Has anyone tried zooming in on those heart-covered undergarments yet?

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