PHOTOS: New Life Ring Props Wash Ashore in Jungle Cruise Queue at Magic Kingdom

When you work for the Jungle Navigation Company, losing a boat is just part of the job. Recently at the boathouse of the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, the Skippers have hung several commemorative life rings from boats on (or under) the river to let guests share in the memories. Five new life rings were found attached to the wall of the queue today, some of which tie in with the new backstory of the ride.


This ring commemorates the inaugural Jungle Cruise aboard the Garland Gertie. The Garland Gertie is the name given to the Ganges Gertie during the holiday overlay, Jingle Cruise.


Congo Connie went over Schweitzer Falls in 1933, but she’s back on the water to transport victi…. volunteers for upriver excursions once again.


Bomokandi Bertha was the first underwater excursion in 1937. A fun fact about this one — it’s true. Last year, Bomokandi Bertha sank into the murky jungle waters with a boat load of guests.

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Molopo Marie is the boat skippered by new figurehead of the Jungle Navigation Company, Alberta Falls. This ring commemorates her first solo trip up the Ganges River in 1927. This is the only life ring honoring a boat that isn’t currently a Jungle Cruise ride vehicle.


Wamba Wanda is credited with being a five time Jungle Bote Race Champion.


Are you going to take a trip down the rivers of the world to see these new queue props at The World Famous Jungle Cruise? Let us know in the comments below. Can’t get enough Jungle? Then don’t miss these other new props added to the ride itself, and take a look at who the new sponsor of the ride is.