REVIEW: Vegan Pizza Tots Make for a Pleasant Vegan Offering at Universal’s Islands of Adventure for Passholder Appreciation Days

Passholder Appreciation Days have begun at Universal Orlando Resort, and the Green Eggs & Ham Cafe in Universal’s Islands of Adventure is getting in on the fun with UOAP-exclusive Vegan Pizza Tots!


These tots are topped with plant-based sausage, pepperoni, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce, making them similar to the non-vegan version that’s been at the restaurant since July.


We’ve reviewed the regular Pizza Tots and these are pretty comparable to them. We had never had vegan pepperoni before trying this, but that was probably the main thing that makes it look different from the non-vegan one. The vegan sausage was buried under the vegan cheese.


The pepperoni has a spicy taste, but the texture was very different from regular pepperoni. The unique texture of the cheese is also noticeable, but the taste is the same. Besides that, the dish has a great flavor.


The tots are perfectly crispy and crunchy and the sauce is very heavy. It’s a filling meal at a great price (as long as you consider tater tots to be a meal). The vegan sausage crumbles added another level to the dish.


Not being vegans, we prefer the standard version, obviously, but this would make a great addition to the Green Eggs and Ham Cafe menu if it stays after Passholder Appreciation Days.


With more people looking for plant-based options in the park, this would do well on the menu. The tots sell for $9.99, and are expected to be available through September 30th.

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30 days ago

I can tolerate fake meat (like Beyond products), but there is no way I can hack fake cheese! It has a plastic texture and is just plain horrible tasting. I get if folks have an intolerance to dairy (usually though aged cheeses are fine) but other than that why eat anything fake? And by the way…. What gets me is that a lot of these folks that eat this vegan junk don’t even realize it is probably the most over-processed and highly salted food there is! Just take a look at the ingredients list and sodium content for Beyond Beef… Read more »