Scarlett Johansson Fires Back at Disney for “Trying to Hide” After Private Arbitration Motion

This morning, we reported that Disney had filed a motion to force Scarlett Johansson’s “Black Widow” lawsuit into private arbitration. Now, Johansson has fired back via her attorney, John Berlinski, accusing Disney of “trying to hide its misconduct.”

“Why is Disney so afraid of litigating this case in public?” Berlinski said in a statement. He claims they have “overwhelming evidence” to prove that Disney “cannibalized box office receipts in order to boost Disney+ subscriptions.”

The attorney also referred to Disney’s initial response as a “misogynistic attack.”

In Disney’s motion for private arbitration, which would allow the case to proceed away from public scrutiny, they referred to Johannson’s lawsuit as “gamesmanship,” citing that the lawsuit is against parent company Disney instead of Marvel Studios.

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  1. Going to rant a bit on this one..

    I think her attorney is a bit too desperate for publicity. Arbitration will look at the arguments of both sides. It almost comes across as they are trying to use public opinion to influence a settlement. In that case, they lost. Heaven forbid that only the facts would be looked at without the emotional influence and pressure of social media.

    The truth is that no one really cares all that much, outside of tweets or Instagram posts. Free Guy or Disney’s parks certainly aren’t feeling the effects of a boycott. Another truth, she’s made a ton of money from this film, Disney has not. Acting like this movie has been profitable in any way is just silly. Disney took a loss on it and she still walked out with money that I can’t fathom making.

    If her attorney can prove their case, they’ll win. Some time a lawyer needs to do a little work instead of whining that they didn’t get an easy settlement. Which is what I see here.

    Really, Scar Jo should fire her lazy and verbally aggressive attorney. Just my two cents on this.

    Others may disagree and they are entitled to their opinions, just as I am mine. That’s the point, we shouldn’t be influencing the outcome, the facts should. The truth should.

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