Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Guests Will Have Early Access to Lightning Lane Attraction Selections

Today, Disney announced the new Genie+ and Lightning Lane programs replacing FastPass+ at Walt Disney World. While resort hotel guests may be disappointed to learn they will lose their opportunity to book ride times 60 days in advance, they will still have a slight advantage over other guests.

While all guests will be able to select their first attraction time for the day at 7 a.m. using Genie+, resort guests will also be able to make Lightning Lane individual attraction purchases at 7 a.m. Non-resort guests cannot purchase Lightning Lane access until the park opens for the day.

Disney will release a list of the attractions available for both the paid Genie+ program and the Lightning Lane individual attractions program, including pricing, at a later date. For now, we know that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will be available via Lightning Lane.

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  1. Hate this decision so much. So I have to pay for fast pass, cant plan fast passes ahead of time (but have to plan park reservations ahead of time), and have to get up by 7 or earlier every morning to make plans. We are not rope droppers (mainly due to my wife…) and planning fast passes ahead was great for us. Now after a late night, i have to get up early to see how much extra i “get” to pay to try to ride certain rides. Dammit Disney! Walt has to be spinning in his grave over the cost nowadays.

    1. I know, right? What kind of privilege is that? I guess it’s for when people will fight to pay before the it runs out.

  2. GREED at its finest! Keep screwing the public over Disney its going to eventually come back to bite you in the A$$

  3. I too am very unhappy with this plan. If anything they should make this an optional selection when planning trips. Give guests the choice, either take the standard/classic plan with fastpass selections OR Genie/Lightning Lane. Either way, the fastpass and lightning lane would use the same lines to enter the attraction. We don’t like the idea of being on an itinerary at the park. That adds more pressure and takes away from the fun and “Magic” of some peoples holiday. We like to enjoy the parks at a leisurely pace and keeping to a schedule is no fun. We have pumped so much money into our Disney trips ever since our kid was old enough to go and have our next one in a few weeks. This particular trip will be the most expensive one yet, and that’s without a dining plan or fastpasses, which is a huge disappointment. By the time it’s over all our park meals will likely be in excess of $1000. So why would I voluntarily pay even more for Genie+/Lightning Lane, especially if dining plans don’t come back any time soon?

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