PHOTOS, VIDEO: Take A Ride on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is currently hosting guest previews this week, and we got a look at the full attraction and queue!


Earlier today, details were revealed for much of the area surrounding the attraction before its official October 1st opening.


The attraction mirrors its counterpart in Disneyland Paris, leading guests through an enchanting queue through a whimsical version of France, even leading to an ethereal rooftop view of Gusteau’s, who adds character to the ambiance by greeting guests coming through.


View one of the interactions from Gusteau in the queue and see if you can spot the hidden Mickey!


Once you leave the rooftops of France, the intimate queue turns into a quaint Parisian loft, filled with artwork and the knick-knacks of its owner.


A variety of art dons the walls, including half-complete paintings of food, the Eiffel Tower, and streetscapes. A bowl of fruit and palette sits on the windowsill while paint cans line the small shelves.


Artwork of Remy and Emile sits on an easel inside the loft, surrounded by paints, canvases, and a cheese plate Remy himself would surely enjoy.


The artist’s side table is filled with notes and tools, including a work of art and a “dessin” notebook, which is French for “design.”


The hidden painting under the side table is signed with a hidden Mickey.


At the end of the queue, a moving portrait featuring Remy and Emile act out the proper way to enter the ride vehicles before entering the loading zone.

Watch below for a full view of the attraction, including the queue and artist’s room below!

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