Disneyland Cast Member Union Negotiations Break Down Over Proposed Wage Increase

The union representing attractions Cast Members at Disneyland, Teamsters Local 495, provided an update on the ongoing negotiations over wage increases. The union is fighting for a $17 per hour wage to match the wages of other local employers.

Image source: Frederick Chambers

In screenshots from Frederick Chambers on Twitter, the union’s update details the negotiations. As seen in the proposal below, Disney’s current offer is a 3% ($0.46) raise on the current starting wage of $15.50.

Image source: Frederick Chambers

The most recent wage negotiations were made in 2018, with gradual increases leading to the $15 wage effective in 2020.

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  1. So Disneyland ticket prices go up by as much as 8%. Parking prices go up 20%. Food prices and hotel prices go up by who knows how much.

    And Disney offers cast members a 3% raise.

    Chapek is building quite the legacy…

  2. 15 bucks an hour is what in florida dollars? 4 bucks maybe? come on cheapact, raise the wages like you have the costs for your paying customers. keep things up, you just might lose both!

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