Disneyland Paris Housekeeping Cast Members Go On Strike Regarding Work Conditions

Housekeeping Cast Members a Disneyland Paris — who are subcontractors and not employed directly by Disney — have gone on strike regarding work conditions.

Salon Mickey reported on Twitter this morning that Cast Members were picketing outside Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel.

DisneylandParisGuest tweeted last night that there were no rooms available for guests due to the strike, leaving many families sleeping on the floor with no action by management.

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  1. Lol lol. Working conditions? Just like the thousand flights canceled from Southwest were due to weather? People are starting to take a stand and the media doesn’t report it. Including wdwnt apparently.

  2. Good for them though my heart goes out to the cleaning staff if conditions are bad enough to be protesting then I hope it gets better for them and my heart goes out to those guests. I know I would be upset and extremely disappointed if my room wasn’t available. This strike really speaks volumes to how Disney is treating people today and while they may not be direct employees of Disney Disney still could of have made the working conditions better and put pressure on the company to do that. I really hope Disney decides to step up and do something for both the guests and the cleaning staff though with how the company is today I doubt it.

  3. They should be direct employees of Disney. Disney is a fool. Not only are the working conditions bad, and then they source them out. What a shame.

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