Retired Imagineers Passing Around Petition to Fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek



Retired Imagineers Passing Around Petition to Fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek

It is no secret that a vast majority of Disney fans have not taken a liking to the newest CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek. Questionable decision-making and actions by Disney post-COVID may be why a petition to fire Bob Chapek has been started.


It’s not just Disney fans that are passing around this petition. Retired Disney Imagineers are also sending it around between themselves and to media outlets. It seems they are also not liking the current direction that Bob Chapek is taking the company, especially moving most, if not all of Walt Disney Imagineering to Lake Nona.

The petition is currently only at 1,834 signatures. To view the petition, please click here.

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56 thoughts on “Retired Imagineers Passing Around Petition to Fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek”

  1. Petition signed! Although it will not make any difference, at least it’s bringing this moron’s poor decision making to the forefront.

  2. I signed the petition mainly because October 1 was SUCH a big disappointment! Disney did nothing for the guests to celebrate such an historic day in Disney history. Yes, we all received a poster when leaving the park, but that was it. The guide map was NOT anything special. Disney really blew it!

    • I was there and agree. The ‘Day of’ Merch was a disaster. I had a cast member tell me they were not expecting this. I was like, with this godsend park reservation system Cheapskate worships you knew basically EXACLY how many people would be there months in advance…how could you not have expected it. And they really did nothing special outside of make it difficult to obtain special merchandise. I planned my trip longer than Disney planned that day for sure.

  3. Chapek continues to eat away at the magic of the parks. I will definitely sign this petition. Chapek cares about nothing else but Wall Street. That’s all he’s ever cared about – money. He is the absolute wrong person for this job. He is the complete antithesis of Iger, who I think was the closest we’ve ever come to Walt in terms of focus, dedication, care and overall shepherding of the Disney corp. Going to WDW recently, I can’t say I enjoyed it. Chapek is the man who gutted Galaxy’s Edge making it an outdoor mall with 2 rides that breakdown regularly, all because he is always, always focusing on the budget. ROTR broke multiple times the day we were at Hollywood Studios. Sorry, that’s just pathetic. He also gave us another outdoor mall Avengers Campus – with a low budget ride that is basically Legoland’s Ninjago ride – the cheapest you can get. Chapek started the after hours events for hundreds of dollars from the HTH farewell at DCA to the Jungle Cruise Brunch that cost over $300. Chapek is obsessed with making Wall Street happy. The Grand Californian Hotel is now $1,000 to $2,000 per night. Who the heck can afford that? Chapek is all about dismantling the park, experiences, food, merchandise, entertainment, photopass, fast pass – to sell it to us a la carte for over $100 – per day, be it at an after hours event or just as another profit driver . Chapek doesn’t respect the magic, the Cast Members, the talent (e.g. Scarlet Johansson), the parkgoers, the fans, and above all the Imagineers – just moving them across country without warning. Google any of these and you’ll find an article (or even a video) of Chapek and his treatment of all of them. Just look at what he’s done to the highest level AP in Disneyland – he blocked them out on the reservations calendar. These AP holders paid $1,400! And they can’t go to the park until next year! He told us shareholders that he has the perfect mix of parkgoers – a good mix of ticket holders and AP holders, because the latter doesn’t spend as much as the ticket holders. To me, that looks like the top tier AP holders – Dream Key holders – have a class action on their hands. Read the most recent Hollywood Reporter article – Iger warned Chapek on his way to retirement. Iger was warning all of us. Chapek needs to be fired.

  4. I’m curious the time stamp on this article when posted because it references 1,800 signatures. I know I didn’t miss the release of the article that far after its stamp time but when I checked the petition count it was already at 5,800 and it was climbing pretty fast.

  5. I still think as many as can be Walt’s, Roy’s, their two brother’s & sister’s decendents should get together & get the Disney Co. back and hire someone who thinks the same way Walt did and others who also think like Walt, Roy & Lillian to get Disney back on the right track. Their legacy needs saving!

    • I just thought we do not know if any of the decendents know about this if someone who reads this knows a decendent pass the word on to them. Everyone pass the word on to Disney fans & have them do the same thing. Then everyone get behind the Disney family & push. Maybe just maybe something will happen to the good!

  6. Are you able to cite any sources regarding the claim that former Imagineers are passing the petition around?

  7. Good for them!! That is how change is made. That man has already done enough damage. #bringbackeisner

  8. Hey!

    The likelihood of BOB CHAPEK being ‘fired’ is about the same as WALT DISNEY himself being ‘resurrected’ or The Walt Disney Company ‘re-releasing’ the classic film SONG OF THE SOUTH in IMAX 3D before the year ‘3000’. It ain’t gonna happen…

    The ‘man’ will ‘step down and/or retire’ when he’s ‘good & ready’ and not ‘a day before’.

    Get real…

    [William Paul Johnson, Jr.]

  9. I’ll be going to the D23 event next month where Chapek is suppose to speak. That’s assuming he doesn’t avoid us like he did for the 50th rededication ceremony. I certainly wouldn’t boo him, but I certainly wont clap.

  10. I would sign it if I could. He is not cut out for the entertainment business. He might get retail, but not entertainment or guest experience.

    Where is this company going? It’s future is found in its past, Animation. Nobody can do it like Disney!! It’s what separates it from other studios and other theme parks.

    I just don’t think Bob gets that and never will.

  11. I will never again go to Disney as long as this direction is headed this way. Knowing my grandchildren will never experienced true Disney magic without political agendas. Who would have ever thought Walt’s dream would be so screwed up.

  12. I already signed it a month ago!! This man should not be in charge of Disney!! He wants to get rid of Splash Mountain, the changing way too much in the Parks, all in all he is ruining the magic of Disney World and Disney in general!!

  13. While I agree that “something” ought to change. What exactly does changing out Bob amount to? Replace with Kathleen? Or someone similar.

    Yeah….”nothing good can come of this.”.

    Have a workable alternative, then let’s get this moving.

    • I believe Josh D’amaro would be a wonderful replacement to bob, as someone who really seems to care about the park and the employees.

  14. Signed it. Saved for years to go to Disney World. Then had to reschedule multiple times because of covid.

    When we finally got to go, the park was so crowded you couldn’t even walk. It was wall to wall people.

    It made what was supposed to be a dream vacation extremely frustrating.

  15. DVC Member since 2002, had 720 points. Recently sold every single one. So disappointed in the changes Disney keeps making. Just sad. We Loved Disney, it was like our second home.

  16. I can’t help but to ask the question… where does D’Amaro fit into all this. I know he’s the poster child in everyone’s eyes, but after all, he’s the head of Parks and Experiences . All these cheapening experiences – not to mention a lackluster 50th – are all happening under his watch. He is either agreeing with all these ridiculous changes or isn’t speaking up… which is a failure in leadership either way you look at it.

  17. I can’t help but to ask the question… where does D’Amaro fit into all this. I know he’s everyone’s poster child, but after all, he’s the head of Parks and Experiences. All these cheapened experiences – not to mention a lackluster 50th on Oct 1 – are all happening under his watch. He is either agreeing with all these ridiculous changes or isn’t speaking up… which is a failure in leadership either way you look at it.

  18. Signed!! Because he closed all the Disney stores!! He only cares about money!! Now we have to pay for a fast past! Are you joking!!! The amount of money we have to pay to get into Disney and to park and everything else! He is ruining the magic for children and families and Disney lovers everywhere! He needs to go!

  19. The ONLY way to bring attention to fellow cast member Bob’s poor decisions is if attendance and revenue drop. Not bloody likely.

  20. Can the general public sign? He’s taken away the perks of staying at a Disney resort. Their nanny state mask mandates don’t match those of Florida. Charging for fast pass calling it lightning lane. Now, they want to cut meal portions and keep the prices high. Unbelievable!!!

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