PHOTOS: TRON Lightcycle Run Construction Speeding Along

When last we checked in on the construction progress at TRON Lightcycle / Run, a large crane had just been brought over to the site. The attraction’s roller coaster train ride vehicles had been delivered recently and the crane was helping to get them into the building. Let’s take a look at the state of the construction since then.


The biggest noticeable development on the site is that this framework structure has been sprayed down with concrete, covering the previously exposed red steel.


Some of the netting seems to be pulled back and bundled up along the canopy structure. This was previously more covered, and the netting can be seen tied up near the building entrance.


Work is moving along on the ground level with excavators, bulldozers and soil compactors.


There is still a lot of work to be done, and no official opening date has been announced for the delayed project that was due to open this year.


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  1. I can’t hardly wait for the grand Opening of Tron: Lightcycle run at the Magic Kingdom next year. And I love Tron!en

  2. Speeding along? I appreciate the humor. This is an existing ride that was scheduled to take four years(!) to arrive at MK even before Covid and now is looking at at least five. How about a little hustle, Disney?

  3. Speeding along? What a joke!
    This project was started BEFORE VelociCoaster, and yet THAT one has already opened to RAVE reviews.
    Disney really missed the boat on this one.
    Tired of waiting for an opening date that hasn’t even been announced.
    I’ll just head over to IOA to ride this amazing ride without having to make a park reservation or pay extra for “lightning” access.

    1. You’re right, should go pay $90 vs $15 at IOA to skip the line…Please Universal’s pricing is a joke. And yes, no one was expecting Tron to break records when it was a known carbon copy all along. It is however, not indoors nor covered by a huge lit canopy. Apples and Oranges here.

  4. Also, this appears to be sprayed on fireproofing for steel. As I’m sure they won’t want it exposed to the elements for too long, hopefully you start seeing some facade work on this structure (though I wonder if they’re delaying that to hide the nature of the building/structure).

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