REVIEW: 50th Anniversary Cotton Candy Drink, Smoking Pork Belly, Five Alarm Wings, and Main Street Firehouse Doughnuts at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom has joined in on the 50th anniversary fun with several new fire station-themed items. These include the non-alcoholic Volunteers Needed drink, Engine Co. 71 Smoking Pork Belly, Fire Alarm Wings, and Firehouse Doughnuts.

Volunteers Needed – $7.00

A glass of ice topped with pink cotton candy and served with a sidecar of Minute Maid Lemonade to douse the cotton candy fire (non-alcoholic)


This drink comes with the cotton candy in a glass of ice and two bottles of Minute Maid lemonade on the side to pour in.


Watch a video of us pouring the lemonade in our tweet below.

This would be a fun treat for kids, and it’s not messy at all.


It tastes like sweet pink lemonade, as you would expect from the mix of lemonade and pink cotton candy.


It was cute, and we would order it again.

Engine Co. 71 Smoking Pork Belly – $17

Italian-spiced pork belly with asparagus, cremini mushrooms, pickled yellow and red beets, and manchego


This came under a cloche filled with smoke, the smell of which lingered for a moment after our waiter removed the cloche.


Both this and the Fire Alarm Wings below are appetizers, but are currently listed under the entrées section of the menu.


This was on par with what we expected from Tony’s. It was a little dry and didn’t have a lot of seasoning on its own. But when paired with the other elements of the dish, it’s not bad.


The smokiness of the cheese was especially good, adding a unique element.


A lot of the seasoning came from the Italian vegetable mixture base. The vegetables were cooked fine.


We wouldn’t return for this, but it was worth trying.

Five Alarm Wings – $14

Wings tossed in a sweet-and-spicy heat served with ranch dressing for dipping


Overall, we enjoyed these, which is not how we expected to feel.


They were a little spicier than Disney dishes usually are, which we enjoyed. The wings were cooked well, tender, and moist.


We would return for these.


Firehouse Doughnuts – $9.00

Ricotta donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar and EARidescent sugar served with a strawberry sauce


These doughnuts are like zeppole (Italian fried dough). They came on an extra-long plate but were piled on one end, which made for a bad first impression.


The EARidescent glitter on top was a nice touch, but unfortunately, most of the doughnuts weren’t fully cooked through. The centers were watery to the point that we thought maybe they had a cream filling we didn’t know about.


The strawberry sauce did help with the flavor of the doughnuts.


Would you visit Tony’s Town Square Restaurant to try these dishes? Let us know in the comments.

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13 days ago

Almost $15 for 4 dry wings sloppily arranged out of a paper cup lol only Disney

12 days ago

I had the special wings and they were so dry and burnt that I could barely eat them. The pork belly was okay but I could live without it. I tried ordering the cotton candy drink but since it was the first day and I forgot the name of the drink, they brought me a different drink instead so I didn’t get to try it. This was my first time there and I don’t plan on ever going back.