REVIEW: Spice Road Table Fireworks Dining Package Offers Good Food, Bad View of ‘Harmonious’ at EPCOT

As previously announced, two fireworks dining packages are now available at EPCOT. These packages include several food and drink options, plus reserved seating for “Harmonious” viewing, at either Rose & Crown or Spice Road Table. Since reopening under Disney’s control, Spice Road Table has been a delicious dining experience, so we were excited to try out this new dining package.


As a small party of only two, we were seated at a smaller table further back from the lagoon. This did not bode well for fireworks viewing, but we had the opportunity to dine first.


The fireworks package includes a beverage, a dessert platter, and the choice of two small plates. The menu includes similar items to what is available during a standard meal.


There’s also a kids’ menu.


Let’s start with drinks. We ordered the three specialty mimosas.

Hibiscus Mimosa


The hibiscus tastes more like a rose wine than a mimosa, but it was our favorite of the three.

Pomegranate Mimosa


Each mimosa is very champagne forward, which we had no complaints about. This one was like champagne with a splash of fruit punch.

Blood Orange Mimosa


This one tasted the most like champagne, with barely any flavoring.


Next up is food. Given how late the fireworks are, these small plates are not meant to be a full dinner but could be if you wanted to wait.


The dolmas and spicy shrimp dishes are new since our Spice Road Table review last year.


Grape leaves filled with rice and herbs, marinated olives, charred lemon


This was a delicious dish packed full of flavors.


It had just the right amount of tartness. The texture of the dolmas was soft instead of crunchy.


The lemon was great when squeezed over the dish and we could taste the char.

Spicy Shrimp

Chili, garlic, peri peri sauce


The shrimp had a mild heat. It was cooked nicely and not overdone or chewy. However, it was an oily dish.


It came with two slices of toasted bread, which was great for dipping in the extra sauce.

Grilled Lamb Kefta

Tzatziki, radish, blistered cherry tomato


The lamb kefta is amazing. Having a similar flavor profile to the lamb sliders from the old Spice Road Table menu, these are a little denser and less soft. The chopped mint inside really enhances the taste. This is a winner.

Hummus Fries

Citrus-chipotle and preserved lemon


The hummus was great. It had lots of tahini in it, making it extra smooth and creamy.


The fries are very good and spicy. The vegetable mix helps cool things down and balance everything, making this dish not only unique but tasty.

Dessert Platter

Assorted baklava and cookies


The saragli, or rolled baklava, was the best we’ve had in our lives, even better than it was under the previous management. It was perfectly flaky, and had just the right amount of nuts.

The almond crescent cookie was also fantastic. It’s a bit on the dry side, as Moroccan pastries tend to be, but the flavor is wonderful.


The Karithopita was perfectly moist. It was almost too sweet thanks to an overabundance of honey. We enjoyed everything on this dessert platter.

Fireworks Viewing


As we alluded to, our fireworks viewing was not ideal with a pillar directly blocking our view. We did ask if we could have a different table but were told no.


If you want to sit for the duration of “Harmonious” — which can be part of the appeal of reserved viewing — you better go with a larger party and hope you are seated near the edge of the patio.


That said, we were allowed to stand up and go to the railing for a better view.


As for “Harmonious” itself, you’ll want to check out our post about the first performance.


Watch our video of the view below.


This was a cute experience with good food. The dolmas dish was our favorite. However, this isn’t something we would go out of our way to do again, especially considering our view.

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Ronald Patterson
Ronald Patterson
2 days ago

You obviously didn’t pay the up charge for the view, or you obviously weren’t a Deluxe resort guest….didn’t you know that

Marie-Christine Lachance
Marie-Christine Lachance
13 hours ago

Hi! How can we pay for the « better view »?
Thanks for the cue!