Will Walt Disney World’s Indoor Mask Policy Change Now That The State of Emergency is Over?

Orange County, Florida, let its State of Emergency expire after the 14-day rolling positivity rate dropped below 4%, marking the lowest rates since July. So far, Walt Disney World has not announced any changes to its current COVID-19 safety policies, which require face masks indoors for all guests regardless of vaccination status.


In May, even the mask policies were reduced, with masks no longer required outdoors. On July 15, vaccinated guests were allowed to go maskless indoors as well. However, cases began to rise again in July 2021, with more than 1,000 new cases per day, and Orange County reentered a State of Emergency on July 28.

Though Mayor Jerry Demming was unable to institute a new mask mandate due to legislature from Governor DeSantis, he called upon local businesses to enforce their own. By July 30, Walt Disney World required all guests to wear face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status.

With the current numbers under the 5% threshold and the State of Emergency expired, many guests are now wondering: will Walt Disney World change its mask policy?

Some fans have taken to social media to express their opinions either for or against the continuation of the current mask policy.

Walt Disney World has not made any statements regarding the State of Emergency expiration or face covering policies. At this time, it’s unclear what direction the company will choose in regards to COVID-19 safety policies. Since the maskless period over the summer lasted less than two months, Disney may wait and see how the data changes before making a decision.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for further updates.

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  1. COVID spreads much much easier inside with barely any cases spread outside so yes it does make sense to wear a mask while in a crowded line vs. while walking down a crowded street.

    1. Till when? We have vaccines and cases are plummeting. If it’s not ok to remove masks now then when? There has to be an off ramp.

      1. Sometimes I forget that a mask is still on my face. It’s just not a big deal to wear a piece of fabric on your face unless it’s hot, which it isn’t indoors. Politics aside, at the end of the day, it’s the right thing to do in order to prevent the spread of variants that WILL eventually evade the vaccines. SMH

    2. Facedispers do not stop civid, they are stupid and snyonecscqred of covidid beyond stupud .I want to slap even person who uses the eord safe for being a dtupud sheep.

    3. There is no evidence to support your OPINION. Indoor locations across the state have no mask requirements and our numbers are dropping still.

  2. Let it be one’s own personal decision. If you want to wear a mask then wear it. If you don’t want to wear a mask then don’t wear one. If your afraid/concerned to go somewhere then don’t go. If your not then go!!!! It’s time to move on. It is time to get back to our regular way of life!!!

  3. If you are scared of any communicable disease, COVID-19 or otherwise, you have no business in a theme park to begin with. In a supposedly free society, people should be free to make their own choices as Disney’s competitors astutely realize.

    1. Yes I know several families that gave up Disney vacation and went to universal. This is our plan next may. Shame on Disney for being so uninformed.

  4. Get rid of mask requirements. Let people be free to wear one if they want and feel safer that way. Let the others leave it off. No one wearing a mask should be scared of those not wearing unless masks are useless. And if useless then what is the point. To each his own

  5. If they’re wise they will keep the mask policy as it is for a while. Covid may be low now in Florida but the West and North are still raging. Since people come to WDW from all over, they will want to protect their investment. Shanghai Disneyland just had to shut down from Covid. I hate the masks as we all do, but can see the wisdom in making sure the Parks stay open.

  6. My kids wont wear masks at all so if Disney wants to open itself up to more visitors, please drop the mask mandate

  7. This is a good question given that delta has done is damage over the summer and natural immunity has taken hold. Florida now has one of the lowest per capita COVID cases in the U.S. If masks truly work, we would be in this situation nearly 20 months later!

    Follow the science, Disney! Lift all if nonsense mask requirements and treat people like human beings again. Enough is enough!

    #nomoremasksatdisney #followthesciencedisney #bringbackfastpass

  8. Guys masks simply don’t work and never have. The virus is measured in nanometers. The holes in a fabric mask are as big as a country mile to COVID19. I don’t know why government spreads so much misinformation. They do nothing but make things worse because some people believe they are protected with their little 5 cent mask and others who know better lose trust in the government information.

  9. Disney springs still requiring masks indoors, everywhere has gotten back to normal. Places are packed with people as holiday spending ramps up. Disney springs is emptier than I’ve ever seen it. Keep it up guys… Disney’s virtue signaling is causing all of those businesses to hemorrhage customers.

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