Disney Executives Arguing Over Adding Content for Mature Audiences to Disney+


Disney Executives Arguing Over Adding Content for Mature Audiences to Disney+


Disney Executives Arguing Over Adding Content for Mature Audiences to Disney+

As Disney+ subscriber growth slows, Disney is looking at ways to expand its audience. Promotions like Disney+ Day may provide a short-term bump in viewership. A possible long-term solution is causing friction inside Disney management.

According to media blogger Dylan Byers, leadership is discussing whether to add content for mature audiences to Disney+. This would bring content in line with other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

Byers spoke with current and former Disney executives regarding possible programming changes. According to his sources, former Disney CEO Bob Iger “insisted on sticking to the narrow definition” of family-friendly programming.


Byers also writes that current CEO Bob Chapek worries some insiders. Those insiders feel that Chapek’s data-driven management will not result in a creative vision for the streaming service’s future. The sources state that Chapek “intends to expand [Disney+ programming].”

Should Disney+ add more content for mature audiences? Or, should it stick to the family-friendly fare for which Disney is known? Add your thoughts in the comments.

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18 thoughts on “Disney Executives Arguing Over Adding Content for Mature Audiences to Disney+”

  1. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m with Iger on this one. That’s how Walt did things. He made stories for children that adults could enjoy as well. Targeted both audiences. Why create content that limits the audience to adults?

  2. They will severely damage perhaps beyond repair the Disney brand if they go outside the Family Friendly programming that has been the hallmark of Disney entertainment for all these many years. We would choose to not renew our subscription if they went that route.

  3. Definitely have to side with Iger on this one. Why try and be like other platforms? Disney+ is an entertainment safe haven for families.

  4. Seeing as classics like Dumbo, Peter Pan and the like are not on the children’s profiles, I hope this does not happen. My 5 year old has an “adult” profile to be able to watch classics (and some live action like the Princess Bride). While I’m sure there is plenty inappropriate as it is, “mature” content is absolutely a no.

  5. As long as parents always have a way to control what their kids have access to, I don’t see the harm in having more mature content. I’ve already seen some films with relatively mature content appear fully intact and uncut on Disney+ – “10 Things I Hate About You” comes to mind, for example – and even Marvel series like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” included some choice language. I think people can handle it.

    • Though I agree with you, I think the fact executives are discussing adding MA content should tell us your examples are probably not what they are talking about. I assume by mature content they mean TV MA. That’s a hard no from me.

  6. People can get mature content elsewhere that is better quality. Stop trying to expand on subpar quality options thinking it’ll increase numbers and stick to the company’s vision. Disney isnt about adult content. What Disney has always been known for and was built upon – a magical family experience and animation. I have the Disney+ app on four different devices and only 2 are reliable – fix the experience. Make it better. That’s what will keep people and bring more subscribers. Deliver on what Disney is known for. Stop being more interested in revenue than building a better experience.

  7. Isn’t one of the benefits of owning Hulu – not having to do this? After wall streets reaction to their earnings last week, this is what Chapek has? This man has no vision on how to increase profits. Subscriber growth is slowing. Jacking up park prices and they still missed on earnings. Eisner and Iger built a money printing empire. Chapek’s only vision is raise prices. What is the over under on him lasting another year?

  8. No they shouldn’t. They should stick to their branding which is family but since Chapek has made Disney+ the golden egg, they are at their limits and therefore if they don’t change course I assume they will add mature content and continue to move away from the company they are supposed to be.

  9. Family Friendly only!! You can go somewhere else for mature. Disney should stay in its lane for entertainment for the whole family. I wish the board would see the number of signatures on change.org for firing chapek!!

  10. Walt Disney’s vision from the beginning was something that parents and children could enjoy TOGETHER. Whether that be in a park or on Disney+, keep it family friendly please!!!

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