PHOTOS: Spear Signage Hastily Removed from “Sleigh Ride Sadie” Boat on Jingle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom

The Jingle Cruise has come home for the holidays to the Magic Kingdom, making use of the new culturally-sensitive scenes for refreshed jokes. But there seems to be adjustments still being made.


The Sleigh Ride Sadie has had its signage removed. The name overlay featured a spear just a few days ago, as seen below:


Currently, the Sankuru Sadie signage is visible, though it’s very likely a new sign will be installed in the near future. The rest of the boat still has its holiday decorations.

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Earlier this year, skull-topped spears were removed the “ambush” scene in an effort to combat stereotypes. Eventually, the hut from the scene was converted to a “Boats & Baits and Bites” shack.


Keep reading WDWNT as we keep an eye on Sankuru Sadie.

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      1. It was also reinstalled. Do you plan on retracting this article and its baseless speculation?

  1. Spears are a historical weapon used by tribes all over the world. The Greeks and Romans still used them at the height of their power too. Enough is enough already! Holy crap!! A spear is not insensitive. Is Indiana Jones gonna have to turn in his whip next. Some people need to toughen up and quit looking for a reason to get their feelings hurt over nonsense.

  2. I just can’t imagine how showing a spear can be offensive. Should we pretend that no one in history has ever used spears? I think they still show primitive humans using spears at the beginning of Spaceship earth. For that matter, they show Roman soldiers with swords. What is the difference?

    1. I guess all of the museums will have to take out everything now. We have a bunch of panty waste ninnies which get their feelings hurt over everything. Live in your bubble and pretend that life is one big happy happy place and nothing ever happens and forget about teaching history because that is too sensitive for kids and their parents. I am sick of everything being so PC. Get a friggin life and stay off your fantasy game where everything is fairies and pixie dust.

  3. I feel so much more protected now the fake spear is gone. Now no one can be offended unless wood offends them, or boats in general, what about backsides of water could that be offensive, I think the whole ride should be removed as going in circles offends me.

  4. Seriously…. A spear is now offensive? What about a boat? I mean… You know, a boat that is pretty offensive. We should just scrap the whole ride. I mean, actually for that matter a castle is pretty offensive as well.

  5. Removing the spear offends me. I think I’ll start a Change.org petition to put it back.

  6. Erase… Dont erase…. Mixed up country. I think society can handle a spear on a boat… It is an ancient weapon… Gimme a break. Signed: never republicans.

  7. Does anyone actually have confirmation that was the reason the panel was removed? Not because it was knocked off or loose or some other innocuous reason? Kind of strange to jump to the assumption that it was removed because folks were offended. Unless you’re just trolling the rubes for clicks. Didn’t take much to get them frothing at the mouth in this comment section…

  8. Everything cancel cuture touches is based on complaints by angry politicaly correct morons. So now skulls, spears, natives and small canoes are offensive. When will water, jungles and animals be considered offensive?

  9. I think it’s amazing that we continue to sensor everything we come into contact with on a daily basis as to not offend anyone. As we do so it doesn’t seem that things are getting any better just seems to be clouding the waters even more. There is never going to be a time where nothing is offensive to someone that is just life. People need to stop using so much energy to change everything, stop and think are you offending someone else to change something because it offends you? That makes you no different if so. I thought Disney was supposed to be a fun place to go, now it’s just a stage for everyone to pick and choose what’s entertaining to the individual not the masses.

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