PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Cast Members Meet Culturally Diverse Santa, Coming Soon to Disney Parks

We recently reported that for the first time, Disney has cast culturally diverse actors to portray Santa Claus. Walt Disney World Cast Members were given the opportunity to meet Santa before he greets guests in upcoming sightings at Disney Parks.

Check out some of the Cast Members celebrating the holidays with Santa below.

Cast Members often get access to exclusive meet and greets, or character sightings, as part of a perk of the job.

Even Baby Yoda got to see Santa!

Are you excited to see Santa at the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. i just love how Disney is making International-based changes during the pandemic. though i wonder if this changes will end along with the pandemic or the changes will be permanent..

  2. Listen I get the premise of this I do but nothing keeps the Santa spirit alive in our little ones like the fact that his skin color changes after each brake…….🤔

  3. We get it disney! everything they have done since george floyd is meant to pander to the black community! tv commercials, advertisements, changing rides,etc! now this! Its not a bad thing mind you, but everybody sees this! it is making disney look foolish! How about knocking this off & get back to traditions!

  4. Why does Santa Claus have to be represented by different cultures? Aren’t there enough other cultural symbols to go around?

  5. Are they going to have an Asian or Hispanic Santa too? While I appreciate inclusivity effort, all this does is exclude everyone else.

  6. This is hip as heck. No sarcasm there — I truly love this.

    If they can have Goofy play Santa, which they have and and Goofy doesn’t fit the “traditional” Santa look, they can have other diverse Santas. I am a fan.

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